Below are some products, stores or people I have come across in my time in triathlon and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others:


Mark Kleanthous is my coach. See separate page – or his website


If you have an injury of any kind, or you need orthotics, or a really good sports massage, or advice on hydration – the list goes on. Then I strongly recommend Physio4Life in Putney.

Having seen two physio’s who both diagnosed Tendonitis and told me to rest my knee I saw Mark Saunders, Owner and Founder of Physio4life. After a 20 minute consultation Mark diagnosed my severe knee pain as a trapped femoral nerve due to a stiff back. 8 weeks later after loosening up my back through exercise I was running again, pain free and have the info to build a strong core, to improve my running, as well as sorting out the injury.

If Chrissie Wellington goes there, they must be doing something right.

Boot Camp

We visited Tri-Topia in 2011. The wife and I had an absolutely excellent time. Excellent company, food, advice, location etc. I won’t say any more other than point you to their website and say you got to go there

Triathlon Events

Human Race events at Dorney Lakes. Excellent venue, very fast course, well organised etc

Concept Sport – I have competed in both the Bournemouth and Weymouth triathlons. Bournemouth Triathlon was very good – a lovely beachfront run to end the race. Plus a fast bike course too.

The TCR Show at Sandown Park is held every year and is an excellent place to go for cheap gear, the latest products and crucially the seminars that go on both days from experienced athletes, coaches and others giving tips and advice on the world of triathlon.


Pearson’s Cycles. I have bought my last two bikes from Will and Guy Pearson and also got them to build another bike I bought elsewhere. They are friendly, offer advice and do custom bike fits.

I am also a member of the Pearson’s cycling club

Sportive events

SRS Events – lots of events to choose from and several routes per event. All of them are well organised events, cheap to enter, excellent routes etc.


Torq energy bars –

Clif Shot Blocks

All of the above are just my opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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