Mark – my coach

Mark Kleanthous with medals by Keith Greenlough


I am coached by Mark Kleanthous.


Author of ‘The Mental Battle’ and ‘The Complete Book of Triathlon’ – both a must read for any triathlete, experienced or not. Mark has also competed in over 400 triathlons including 32 ironman events and more than 75 marathons and is a full time coach.

The Complete Book of Triathlon Training & Triathlon the Mnetal Battle Black sands beach Kona

That can seem a bit daunting, for someone like me just starting out in longer distance tri’s, but believe me it’ not. Having someone with that amount of experience and knowledge behind you, or more like by your side, really gives you an edge.

Structured training programs telling you what to do and when to do it and, crucially for me, why you are doing it, is brilliant. Mark has changed how I train and when I train and I now honestly believe I can start to achieve some of the goals I have previously set myself.

My aim for 2012 was to complete a half ironman in under 6 hours 30 mins – I did it in 5 hours 55 mins, thanks to Mark’s coaching. Since then I have completed three more half Iron man events and am training for my first IM and marathon in April 2015.

I cannot recommend Mark enough to anyone who is thinking about competing at endurance events. When you are pushed for time, make sure when you training you are doing the right thing.

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