Boot camp Sharm – The story so far . . .

Just a quick update to say all is going very, very well on the training front. Every session covered and enjoyed.

The days start at 6.15am when the alarm goes off and I start the day with either a bike ride,  a run or a brick session (so both). Tomorrow is a brick session being a 40 mins bike, 15 mins run, 25 mins bike and a 10 minute run.

I aim to do the rides on the Sharm Sprint Tri course that I am racing on Friday and practise transitions, again ready for Friday.

Other days have been similar brick sessions or longer stand alone runs (I have done a 75 mins and an 80 mins run) or stand alone rides that have been 60 – 80 mins. But everything is very structured with different pace, effort and recovery sessions. My main focus has been dialling in my Sprint race pace and not defaulting to a half or full IM pace!

I have also swum – a lot. Five swim sessions so far including one sea swim – again in readiness for Friday’s race. I intended to swim for 30 mins but the jelly fish put me off – after I swum into one head on – luckily it did’t sting but I thought I was chancing it too much to carry on, so I stopped at 20 mins.

The swims have been late afternoon, while the sun is still out but not blazing down on me while I swim. Five swims in a week isn’t a lot for most triathletes, but for me it is a lot as I focus more on my running and sacrifice swim sessions.

This is a training blog so I won’t bore you with how brilliant the holiday is too. How excellent the new apartment is, the complex we are on, the neighbours, the location, the pool, having a roof area, with it’s own; pergola, sun beds, kitchen. And just how relaxing and chill out the whole break has been.

So a great combo of training hard and relaxing hard. Just need to make sure I am not in relax mode Friday morning at 5.15am.

Thanks for reading.

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