Boot camp Sharm – The story so far . . .

Just a quick update to say all is going very, very well on the training front. Every session covered and enjoyed.

The days start at 6.15am when the alarm goes off and I start the day with either a bike ride,  a run or a brick session (so both). Tomorrow is a brick session being a 40 mins bike, 15 mins run, 25 mins bike and a 10 minute run.

I aim to do the rides on the Sharm Sprint Tri course that I am racing on Friday and practise transitions, again ready for Friday.

Other days have been similar brick sessions or longer stand alone runs (I have done a 75 mins and an 80 mins run) or stand alone rides that have been 60 – 80 mins. But everything is very structured with different pace, effort and recovery sessions. My main focus has been dialling in my Sprint race pace and not defaulting to a half or full IM pace!

I have also swum – a lot. Five swim sessions so far including one sea swim – again in readiness for Friday’s race. I intended to swim for 30 mins but the jelly fish put me off – after I swum into one head on – luckily it did’t sting but I thought I was chancing it too much to carry on, so I stopped at 20 mins.

The swims have been late afternoon, while the sun is still out but not blazing down on me while I swim. Five swims in a week isn’t a lot for most triathletes, but for me it is a lot as I focus more on my running and sacrifice swim sessions.

This is a training blog so I won’t bore you with how brilliant the holiday is too. How excellent the new apartment is, the complex we are on, the neighbours, the location, the pool, having a roof area, with it’s own; pergola, sun beds, kitchen. And just how relaxing and chill out the whole break has been.

So a great combo of training hard and relaxing hard. Just need to make sure I am not in relax mode Friday morning at 5.15am.

Thanks for reading.

Catching up on Bloggage

I cannot believe it has been over 6 weeks since my last post!

The flu I had was pretty nasty and I ended up taking another two full weeks off of training. Mark then created a plan, with reduced training, one week at a time, after I gave feedback on how I was going on the previous weeks training. This ‘tip toeing’ was frustrating as I just wanted to get back on the horse and pick up where I left off – I have a marathon to train for. But that’s why I have Mark. His years of experience got me back to fitness in record time, my way of doing it would have got me back to bed with another cold!

So a few weeks off, followed by a few building weeks ending with a weekend in France. I had the pleasure of mixing a cheeky weekend away with friends with some nice rides on nice, quiet, pot hole free, French roads full of courteous drivers.

Feeling good after that little block of training I was keen to test my fitness the following weekend. I decided not to run the Surrey Half Marathon, but instead to do a half marathon distance training run on feel. So if I felt OK I would push the pace, if I felt knackered during the run I would hold back. I ended up having a real good run. I did 20.88K in a time of 1hr 57 mins, which is circa 90 secs off of my PB half marathon time. Not back after three weeks in bed and the same as build training.

The week after I took it easy AGAIN as it was a busy week at a conference most of the week and busy at work the rest f the week as at the weekend I was flying to Sharm El Sheikh for a two week holiday AKA Boot Camp, which is where I am now.

So an update of how I got from laying in bed with Flu to training in the sun. I will do more posts during this hols  – little and often so I don’t bore my readers.

See, I do listen to the feedback.

Thanks for reading.