Training 56% of the time

Having blogged about how good training was going, it was inevitable that it would come to an end.

Two Thursday’s ago, in the middle of another big week, I came down with a cold. But it wasn’t the usual run of the mill cold. Sore throat and headache etc. This one came on quick and came on hard. I worked on the Friday out of need rather than common sense.

I went home at 4pm after feeling absolutely awful all day. I went straight to bed and had one of the worst weekends of my life. Shivers, sweats, joints aching, chest hurting from the coughing, backache, headache more like a migraine and absolutely no energy at all.

I didn’t get out of bed until the following Tuesday and went back to work on the Thursday, which I now realise was a mistake. Thursday was OK but Friday was hard going, struggling to make it to the end of the day. I was just so tired.

I have now spent a second weekend trying to rid myself of this cold. If I don’t set my alarm I don’t wake until10am or 11am, I am tired by 9pm and this cough is now really getting on my nerves.

I would be a nightmare to live with, but on this occasion I have also given it to ‘the wife’ – caring is sharing! Sam came down with it last weekend and has had all week off work with it and is still rough now. Oh and I gave it to Ollie my grandson, who had to miss swimming this weekend because of it.

What impact another two weeks (at least) lost training will have is anyone’s guess. How long it will take to get fitness back and the bigger question, how long until I get my next cold. I have given up trying to avoid them, I need to just structure them into my training.

In the past 23 weeks I have lost out on training on 10 weeks due to having a cold. So 44% of the past 23 weeks have been lost to illness. That’s five separate colds in 23 weeks. Pro-rata’d that’s more than 10 colds a year.

This is worrying as the events are coming thick and fast, two weeks time is a PB attempt at the 5K park run, the weekend after is Kenley 10K (another PB attempt), then a couple of weeks later is the Surrey Half Marathon, the weekend after we are off to Egypt for two weeks training in the Sun and while there doing the Sharm sprint distance triathlon, back for the Brighton Marathon and a few weeks later flying off to Barcelona for the half IM.

I just don’t have time to be ill. There is no point in doing any training until this cough has gone, so it’s just more cough mixture, honey and lemon, cold and flu tablets, vitamin C, Neovite, multi-vitamins etc.

Thanks for reading.