Getting into the rhythm

Last week certainly was a big week. Sunday to Sunday (so 8 days not 7 days) I:

  • ran a total of 52K (including 2 sessions as interval speed sessions)
  • cycled 84K over four sessions of 21K each (so 2 rides to work and back)
  • did my first swim session of the year
  • And had a rest day

Not too shabby – over 10 hours training over those 8 days. Especially as this was the week of the -5 degrees most days. So, safe to say, I have certainly bounced back from the bad throat last week.

This week is also on target for another biggie too. Mark’s training sessions are flexible in terms of which days I do what, so yesterday was a run day and today is a ride to work and back. But yesterday it was pee’ing down when I got home from work and the forecast for today was showers all day. So I did a hard 60 min turbo session yesterday, instead of the run, and I did the run session this evening instead of the ride to work and back.

I am not a fair weather trainer only, I am ‘happy’ to run in the rain or ride to work in bad weather etc, but only if I have to. If I can be a bit clever and cover all my set sessions by swapping them around then that, for me, is a better option. Being The man and cycling in the rain is fine but then going on to miss a week’s training with a cold soon makes you re-evaluate weather (see what I did there) it was really worth it.

I wouldn’t miss training due to bad weather but I am happy to switch sessions around to make it as comfortable as possible. It is a hobby after all.

The forecast for tomorrow is ‘a nice day’ so I will do the ride to work on Thursday and either back to back that with Friday too – or do another hard run or hard turbo Friday evening. If I am behind I will do a double session on Saturday, with Sunday being my first double run day this year – woohayyy – A easy run Sunday morning and a faster pace run in the afternoon – BOOM.

Last Monday was cool, the wife and I went to Lee Valley Velodrome and did a 1 hour taster session cycling on fixed wheel bikes on the boards. It was brilliant.

You don’t appreciate the size and ‘shape’ of the track from just watching it on TV and the feel of flying around those boards and going up on the 42 degree bank. The bikes were great, the track was perfect and the coach was brilliant. It’s got both me and the wife keen to do a follow up session at some point soon.

I also booked up IM 70.3 Raleigh, North Carolina last weekend so that’s all ‘A race’ events this year booked and sorted except Weymouth.

Thanks for reading.

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