The Living Daylights

The first two weeks at work in 2016 have flown by. Initially, it started to go a bit Pete Tong. I did, what the training plan called, an easy run on Monday evening (the 4th Jan) but it felt anything but easy. I then woke up Tuesday feeling a bit ‘under the weather’. So rather than cycle to work I did a turbo in the evening. Wednesday I had a bit of a scratchy throat in the afternoon, but I repeated Monday’s run and did it two minutes quicker (without trying) and felt a lot better on the run.

So I was disappointed when I woke up Thursday with a bad sore throat. I took a rest day from training and Friday felt just as bad. I did another easy turbo Friday evening and set the alarm for 7am to do a swim set Saturday morning before Ollie’s swim lesson.

But I a) snoozed the alarm until 8am b) got Leigh to do the lesson with Ollie and I watched. When we got home, at about 10 am, I went back to bed and slept until 1.30 pm. And I must say I felt a lot better for that extra sleep. I also had an early night Saturday night and got another good 12 hours kip.

I didn’t train Saturday or Sunday and veg’d about the house all weekend.

Monday I felt better for the veg’ing. The sore throat seemed to be behind me but I still played safe and did a turbo in the evening. I also spoke to Mark on Monday to ask him about how I had caught another cold/throat infection. Everyday I take Neovite, Vitamin C tablets, Vitamin D tablets, multi Vitamin tablets and Echinacea tablets. Mark asked why I take Vitamin D. I advised I get to work and it’s dark, I leave the office and it’s dark and I don’t leave the office during the day. So I don’t get any daylight. I also spent most of the weekend inside as well – so from the 4th Jan to 11th Jan, in those 8 days, I hardly got any natural daylight. Probably less than an hour, in total, across those 8 days. Natural daylight, even 20 mins a day, boosts your Vitamin D which helps your immune system.

So I am in operation daylight since that chat. Tuesday I got up early and went to work for 8am and then did a 45 mins run from work in the day light. Then went back to the office and showered and started my day, Wednesday I had a work event so it was a scheduled rest day. I did think about catching up on lost hours last week, but I know better than that.

Thursday I rode my pushbike to work making sure I got the daylight on the ride in. Friday was another rest day as another evening out. And Saturday (sadly) was a recovery day from a fun evening out at The Clink Restaurant Charity Ball.

Today I did a 13K easy run (1 hour 13 mins) in the afternoon. It was quite a good pace for an easy run, mainly on feel. And crucially included daylight.

Coincidently, quite a few people at work have since come down with a cold/bad throat, including the two people who sit either side of me. So maybe my immune system is better than I thought it was and I got over it in a few days.

Game on for next week, hopefully my first big training week of 2016.

Thanks for reading.

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