Happy New Year

We didn’t get to Egypt like we had planned because of flight restriction issues. We were due to fly out Boxing Day and return 6th January. But that all went to pot and we ended up staying in the UK.

I have trained quite consistently the past three weeks though. The week leading up to the week leading up to Christmas (also known as the week commencing 14th December) I did a total of 5 hours 40 mins training. 3 x 1 hour turbo sessions and 3 runs, two easy 40 minute runs and 1 longer 75 minute run.

Not a massive volume but not bad as it was my first proper training week for 4 weeks, due initially to illness and then due to work related Christmas events. So it was just good to do some training.

The week leading up to Christmas (week commencing 21st December) I was off work that week so I was able to do a bit more. So in between going with my Grandson to see Santa Claus at Godstone Farm, going to Brighton Aquarium to see the Sharks and his first attempt at Bowling on Christmas Eve – I was able to get 6 hours 45 minutes training under my belt. Again not a massive volume, but as this was all done in the first 5 days of that week, it was a good block of training. Two 90 minute turbo sessions, two longer runs (both 11K runs at 65 mins, including one on Christmas Day!) and a good core and body conditioning session. I then had two days at a Spa absorbing the training done so far.

This week has been good, at just over 7 and a half hours, which again included two rest days.

The poor weather has meant turbo sessions rather than outside rides (thank God for Homeland Season 5). Three turbo sessions in total, each 90 minutes in duration, one run (another 11K in 65 mins) and a big body conditioning session at 50 minutes rowing, 40 minutes weights and 10 mins core work.

So I am fully back into the swing of it, with three good weeks under my belt and ready to get cracking with what 2016 has in store.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year to all my followers.


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