Review of 2015

This year was a massive learning year. From a racing perspective, and at the end of the day racing is what it is all about, it was a bit disappointing.

I pinned the year on IM Vichy and whilst I finished the race I was extremely disappointed in my performance. So it was all a bit of an anti-climax. Six months on and I am still not ‘over the experience’. But I did learn a lot from the day. I learnt about me in a big way. About my mental strength, nutrition and the importance of changing my expectations during the race to adapt to different conditions and situations.

I completed my first standalone marathon in April – The Brighton Marathon – in a time of 4 hrs 25 mins. That was a very good start to the year. Training is already underway for the same event in 2016.

A couple of training events – the Bewl Water (Olympic Distance) and the Cowman (Middle Distance) where I missed the sub 6 hour target by 4 minutes, finishing in 6 hours and 4 mins.

So event wise it’s been a bit disappointing, which is why I have planned 2016 completely differently. Booking more events and focusing in 70.3 distance while I get my IM mojo back – and it will be back.

Training wise it’s been a very good year. A total of 362 hours training, 10 hours more than 2014.

A significantly higher volume of running, hitting 112 hours and covering 1,127K (700 miles). That’s 26 hours more running in 2015 than 2014.

Cycling was about the same 207 hours in 2015 versus 202 in 2014, Swimming was significantly less only hitting 21 hours this year versus 50 hours last year (which was always the plan).

The block of Yoga I did at the start of 2015 meant I did 22 hours of body conditioning in 2015 versus 14 hours in 2014.

So another IM year behind me and another big year to look forward to with 4 races booked and planned already.

So here’s to 2016 – Happy New Year everyone.

Thanks for reading.

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