Same old, same old

Almost a month since my last blog and it’s the same old story. I got over my cold / sinus infection, got some good training under my belt and started to ramp it up and caught another cold.

I stated to feel rough last Tuesday and have had a cold ever since. Not a full on real bad cold, not like last time, but enough to stop me training and reach for the max strength cold and flu tablets by day and the night nurse at night.

I have been taking Neovite since the last cold and am now also taking Vitamin C tablets, Vitamin D tablets and Echinacea tablets. So another training week lost, at least, as I am still ‘ill’ and hence not planning on training any time soon.

I also found out today my week in Sharm over New Year is in doubt as Easyjet aren’t flying there until 5th January. So it doesn’t look like I will be getting some sunny biking and warm run miles any time soon. Although we haven’t given up on that just yet.

So all in all, in a negative place – oh and I have put on 2 and ¼ lbs since last week’s weigh in.

I am going to give it a few more days, maybe even wait until after the weekend and start training next week and see where I am at.

I do have the Beddington 10K Sunday week which I am running with my niece Hannah. This will be her first running event and hopefully the first of many.

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Glass half empty or half full?

October could have been described as ‘a write off’ or as a good, well thought out, planned, recovery period.

You cannot train at 100%, all the time, all year round. You need some down time to recharge your batteries, to get on top of life, to take stock of where you are and to plan.

After IM Vichy I took the following week off training, but the week after that I hit 7 hours of training and then I fell ill. That illness (Sinus infection) took me out for almost 3 weeks.

So I started October with illness behind me (just) and a week in Egypt ahead of me. Having spoken with Mark we agreed:

  • an easy week post illness leading up to Egypt
  • an easy week in Egypt – so I had some good quality rest time, as well as some nice sunny rides (not a full on boot camp) and
  • an easy week post Egypt. History suggests I am susceptible to illness the week after I return from Egypt.

So the past three weeks have been easy training weeks, off the back of, three ill weeks. So 6 weeks of little or no training.

This has left me a bit unfit (which will come back quickly) and extremely energised and motivated going into Winter training.

Training is building up but is currently semi structured, with some detailed sessions some days and days with sessions like ‘Run if you feel like it, if not don’t’, ‘if you do run than run for as long as you want and then stop’.

Last Saturday I ran a nice easy 12K (1 hour 10 mins) all on feel, because I felt like it. Sunday I rode to Richmond Park and did a couple of laps on the Boardman (9.8 Air). I must say it was really nice to ride this bike after months on the TT leading up to Vichy and riding to work on The Tank (Boardman CX). Monday was an interval run session, Tuesday I rode to work and back. So the fitness will be back in no time.

So this period has meant I can plan for next year and start booking some events. Next year I am focussing on shorter distance races (70.3) and am planning to do more of them rather than target one or two big (IM) events. Already 2016 is ‘chock a block’ with some really good events:

  • April my second stand alone Marathon, Brighton
  • End of May – Half IM, Barcelona
  • Early June – Half IM, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Mid July – Long Course weekend, Tenby (Friday IM swim, Sat IM bike, Sun Marathon)
  • Mid September – provisional IM or half IM Weymouth (formerly Challenge)

So a very busy and travel hectic race schedule. All events linked with at least a few days each side of the event to make it more of a holiday and break rather than ‘just’ an event.

Barcelona we are renting a two bed apartment and spending almost a week there, North Carolina we will be there at least a week staying with relatives and Tenby we are staying at a very nice, recommended, hotel Thursday through to Tuesday (and Mark and Clare will be there too).

I think this is one of the most positive blogs I have written in a long while. As I said at the start – sometimes a rest is the best thing.

Thanks for reading