Proper sick this time!

It’s been over two weeks since my last blog and in that time I have done bugger all.

I woke up the Thursday before last with a sore throat and a week later I had what I thought was full on man flu. I felt worse and worse each day last week and ended up going home from work during the day last Friday.

I spent all Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and all day Sunday in bed. And as I started to feel better on Monday I went to work yesterday (Tuesday), which was a mistake. I was ‘persuaded’ to go home within an hour and two hours later I was at the doctors. Diagnosed with a Sinus infection and given antibiotics and some decongestant vapour to inhale, I am still at home now trying to get better.

This is annoying, frustrating, disappointing etc but it’s also OK. It’s not race season, it gives the muscles time to recover meaning I will go into Winter training (whenever that is) fully motivated and fit and healthy.

I missed the SRS cycle Sportive last Sunday and the Ball Buster is now fully booked so no events on the horizon for this side of Christmas. So aim 1) get healthy aim 2) hit some Winter training with no worry of events to schedule around.

Thanks for reading

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