Webby’s back

My last blog ‘IM Vichy’ was quite a negative one. I don’t think my opinion of the event is any different 10 days later. I still feel disappointed with the event and the time I achieved etc. But I have come to terms with the fact it’s done and it’s time to move on.

And that is what I am doing. I started training this week, with no negative effects from Vichy. Apart from, I still have partial numbness in my fingers which is worse the more I use them. This is a minor irritation but 10 days after the event is now a bit silly.

In terms of what’s next, I am planning on riding the SRS Events Brighton to Brighton cycling sportive (172K) at the end of September and all being well I will probably do the Ball Buster again in November.

I have put the TT bike on the turbo to practise on over the Winter and will now start riding my road bike at the weekends, on the B2B ride in September and for the Ball Buster. I am really looking forward to getting back on the road bike after months of TT riding.

And a week in Egypt in October – will be a nice little boot camp in the Sun as good prep for the Ball Buster.

I will be back to focussing on my running from now on and also riding to work regularly over winter and doing less swimming, like last year.

Next year is already taking shape. Brighton Marathon in April (which will mean some 10K’s and half marathons leading up to that). And I have today booked IM 70.3 Barcelona in May, which I am really looking forward to. Event booked (my first official 70.3 IM branded event), apartment booked, flights sorted etc.

I am also planning on doing Challenge Weymouth next year (September) and will decide next year whether that is the Challenge distance or half distance. There are also several other races I plan to look at around these events to get racing again, which I missed this year. So on top of the Marathon, Barcelona and Weymouth I can also do Cowman middle distance, Bedford half, Bewl water Olympic distance etc or look up other ‘local’ events I haven’t done before.

I also have half an eye on the Long Course Weekend in Tenby.

A key disappointment for me this year was I put all my eggs in the IM Vichy basket. In 2016 I want to race more.

The only target next year is to have fun . . . . but then a sub 6 hour half IM in Barcelona would be nice!!

Thanks for reading.

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