One week and counting

Ironman Vichy is one week away. The big question is ‘am I ready’?

In November 2014, I did the Ball Buster Duathlon, struggling over the finish, having walked up parts of Box Hill on the final run. I said to Mark (my coach), that I wasn’t prepared to keep doing these events and struggling on the run. We needed to up my training and focus on improving my run over the winter.

Nine months later and I have completed 313 hours of training since that conversation. Very little swim training, as agreed (19 hours), 172 hours of Cycling, 101 hours of Running and 21 hours of body conditioning (which was mainly Yoga).

As a comparison – for Ironman Austria I only trained for 5 months doing 172 hours in total, of which 100 hours was cycling and 37 running!

So the work has been put in, especially on the bike and on the run. The volume has been done but also with consistency, some work on nutrition and a lot of work on pacing.

I have run 991K (615 miles) over the past 9 months. Completed my first standalone Marathon (4 hrs 25 mins) and two half marathons (1 hr 55 mins and 1 hr 56 mins).

I don’t think I could have done any more to prepare for this race. It’s just up to me to get it right and perform on the day.

So no pressure.

This week’s training was good ending with a one hour swim set yesterday evening, a 2 hour ride this morning at IM pace and tomorrow is an easy 75 minute run. Then it’s taper week.

Two hours training in total for the entire week next week. Lots of rest, lots of early nights and lots of visualisation for the race.

I think it might be a long week!

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “One week and counting”

  1. You are the man Darren. You will beat the time I’ve given you and I will buy you a crate of beer…

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