T’was a nasty one

Following The Cowman the cold I had turned out to be a nasty one.

It knocked me for six on the Tuesday and Wednesday although I struggled into work both days, but I then paid the price and was in bed and slept for most of the Thursday and Friday. The weekend wasn’t much better and I was pretty much a coach potato.

The ‘highlight’ of the weekend was Fast and Furious 5, 6 and 7 back to back on the Sunday. I was hoping that 2 days in bed and 2 days on the settee would mean I would be a lot better the following week, but I was still suffering. I went back to work last Monday and I slowly felt better each day but training wasn’t an option. It wasn’t until last Friday that I started to feel like I could train.

So this weekend I did some training. I opted for a turbo rather than a ride Saturday morning, just in case I felt bad while I was out. So a 1hr 20 minutes turbo Saturday morning on the TT bike with a 10 minute run off the turbo. This was followed by a second 15 minute run later that day.

Sunday I took a bit easier with firstly a lie in and then a 45 minutes turbo before a day out to Brighton. We went to the Sea Life centre followed by sometime on the beach with little Ollie my grandson. There is always an element of training involved trying to keep up with Ols as he darts off to the next fish tank and I am running after him!

We got home about 7pm and I went for a 45 minute easy run. It was good timing as it wasn’t as hot as if I had run during the day.

So I think (and hope) the Cold is behind me. Two weeks of rest isn’t the end of the world and hopefully it means the next 6 weeks of training up to IM Vichy will go well. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading.

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