Living like a pro

This weekend I have been a professional triathlete. The wife and family went off to Peppa Pig World for the weekend leaving me to train, rest and eat like a pro.

I was up at 5am Saturday for an open water swim at Heron Lakes, lovely and warm the water too. And a short run off the swim.

Back home by 9.30am for a little sleep, some brunch and a few chores and then the 16K run (the majority of which was in the rain), a bite to eat and two episodes of 24 and then bed.

Up at 6.45am this morning, out the door and on the bike by 7.30am for the 100K bike ride. I rode to Richmond Park, 5 laps of the Park and rode home.

Today’s ride was on the TT bike and it was really comfortable and my confidence is right up there now on that bike. Especially riding on the road as well as at Richmond Park. I was disappointed with the speed, a lack of it, doing 100K in four hours is slow. But after a big training week I think the legs had just had enough and weren’t up for me pushing too hard on the bike.

When I got back from the ride it was a shower, some food, wipe down of the bike, two more episodes of 24 (that’s season 8 done and dusted), another power nap and over to my dad’s for fathers day.

Now a relaxing evening and hopefully an early night.

A lot of sleeping and rest in there but the weekend is the end of a monster training week of 15 hours. 10 hours cycling covering circa 226K, just over an hours swimming (circa 3.3K) and just under 4 hours running covering 37K.

That’s more than the first week of Albuquerque Boot camp. That would be why I am knackered.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Living like a pro”

  1. Boom. No peppa pig world?! Can’t think why you gave that a swerve. Well done on the tri bike part 2.

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