Err ….. I think …. I might have become … an average runner?

Running has always been my weakness. I said to Mark at the start of Winter 2014 that my focus was improving my running. I am slightly above average at swimming and average on the bike, so no discipline is brilliant, but my running has always my weakness, far behind the other two.

Now, some 30 weeks later, I have just completed my training while on holiday in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I have trained a total of 23 and a half hours with almost 11 hours of that running, 12 cycling and one Hot yoga session. I have run 10 out of the 13 days we have been here including double run days, several sets of running off the bike and my longest run was 18K taking around 1hr 45 mins.

In total I have run 102K in the past 13 days.

Now Albuquerque is around 7,700 ft above sea level and over the two weeks the temperature has been around 85 – 90 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Add in my first marathon 8 weeks ago (4 hours 25 mins) and finally getting under 2 hours for my half marathon time (twice) this year – 1.56.20 and 1.57.36 . . . So, all in all, I think I need to redefine my running to being average. BOOM!

I am really happy with what I have achieved in Albuquerque, namely a high volume of training across the two disciplines. There has been no swimming but this isn’t an issue as it isn’t a priority for me. A few open water swim sessions and a few trips to the pool when I am back and I will get my swim fitness back.

Plus, a couple of really good, almost sports massages, while here from Aunt Val have helped a lot, especially as I arrived with a back issue from lifting a heavy suitcase.

Nutrition has been good, as in eating well and not over doing it with the portions. With only one night of drinking, so far.

A very successful bootcamp!

I have my first triathlon of the year in 4 weeks time on the 5th July being the Cowman Middle Distance. I am hoping for an average swim, steady ride learning on the new bike and a strong run. Actually I am hoping for more than that but I am trying to keep my expectations in check!

Over the next four weeks I need to get some serious miles in on the new TT bike to get comfortable with it’s handling and riding position on the road. Since I bought it I have only used it on the turbo. Plus those open water swim sets.

Thanks for reading

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