ABQ Part 2

Last week’s training was nothing short of awesome.

14 hours of training Monday to Saturday with a rest day on Sunday. The rest day was following a good (and late) night out bowling and drinking Saturday night rather than solely due to fatigue. The 14 hours broken down as 7 and a half hours riding, 1 hour’s Yoga and a whopping 5 hours 40 mins running

The Hot Yoga sorted my back out and it’s been fine since then, unless Aunt Val is reading this and then it’s still bad so I get another massage! The Hot Yoga was good, but I found the heat (and the sweating) quite distracting, trying to stretch while sweat was dribbling in the ears and in my eyes.

The training set out by Mark has been awesome too. Lots of running, usually first thing in the morning, rides later in the day, with another short run off the bike.

But each run session is different. Either a shorter hard run or a longer easier run, or a longish run (circa 60 – 70 mins) with efforts included in it. These are good as they build stamina and with the efforts different each time they make the training fun.

The temperature is rising now. Today’s run was in 90 degrees as I ran at 9.30am. This is OK as it gets me ready for Vichy in August. The rest of the week is forecast at 90 – 95 degrees. Tomorrow’s long run (1 hrs 40 mins) will need to be done early. I plan to leave the house by 7.30am to get the bulk of the run done before it gets really hot. And then cycle late in the afternoon/early evening.

Then Wednesday is the long bike ride – again I am planning on an early start. I have my route sorted for the ride and am looking forward to doing that ride. Still deciding on the route for the long run. Either run to the trail and get a lift back, the trail is where I have been running after being driven there, or run to the Tramway trail and run there. It’s only 3K to the trail so I will run there, run across the trail and run back. But the 3K to the trail is up hill. So it will be a challenging start to the longest run of the holiday. But that’s what I am thinking as my running is improving so much, my running confidence is sky high.

But it’s not all training, lots of rest and recovery in between and refueling. We are just off to Holy Cow for a burger and a thick milk shake. We went there last week and it was such a nice burger we are going back today. We have also done the Dion meatball sandwich, have to go back there too!

Thanks for reading.

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