Marathon Blues (?)

Some athletes hit a low after an event. After weeks, or more likely months, of training and routine, the event comes, it happens and then it’s gone and the routine abruptly changes or stops altogether.

I don’t suffer like this in fact I have the opposite. 24 hours after finishing the Brighton Marathon I was in the shed on the turbo spinning out the legs.

I was back running within 3 days and the week following the marathon I clocked up 6 and a half hours training. Which was mainly cycling (5 hours 30 mins) and one hour’s running.

That was backed up with just over 9 hours training last week – Monday to Friday, a working week.

The events, the key ones, seem to act as a springboard for me to up the training for the next one.

It was the same after IM Austria where I upped the training ready for Challenge Vichy half distance. If you recall, from a previous blog I posted, I thought I was in better shape for the half at Vichy than I was in for the IM two months earlier.

With the running work done over winter, my first (stand alone) marathon under my belt, I am now upping the training ready for IM Vichy.

With Mark’s full guidance and the wife’s continued support, I plan to increase both my run and cycling volume and still get in good swim sessions. I plan to do this by utilizing the journey to work more and more over the summer. Riding to work and back three times a week not just once or twice a week, regular runs off the bike after the ride home from work. With work being 13 miles away from home (a half marathon distance) I also plan to fit in a run home from work once a week too as well as a long bike and/or long run over the weekend.

With Heron Lakes opening this weekend Saturday morning yoga has to take a back seat to make way for open water swims and a run off the swim.

Frustratingly I couldn’t train this weekend, as I had to take an overseas trip. It’s frustrating as next weekend was always scheduled as a ‘rest’ weekend as we are off to Euro Disney for the bank holiday weekend. No triathlon specific training while in France, but an endurance session in the car Saturday and Monday on the journey there and back and yomping around town on the look out for Mickey Mouse, I am sure there will be a lot of ‘time on my feet’. And it all adds up.

Thanks for reading.

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