Is there a good time for man flu?

The past three weeks have been mental, hence I haven’t blogged in that time – apologies!

To sum up – following my return from Egypt I promptly caught a cold. Pretty frustrating – and it seems a pattern that the week after I get back from Egypt I come down with a cold. That is also what happened last October too.

In terms of timings, if I had to have a cold, the week I was ill was probably the best week to chose! I had the niggle in my leg following the ‘Race your Pace’ half marathon, so it meant a longer period to rest it. Also, there were loads of household chores that I had to do. Doing them with a cold was bad, but this was preferable to doing them with a cold and fitting in training. The household chores included the wife and I moving to a different bedroom in the house for a few days while I redecorated what was to be our new room and we had wardrobes fitted. So we lived out of suitcases in a spare room for almost a week, which was a lot easier without having to constantly wash and dry training kit and meant I didn’t have to leave out the various bits of kit I would have needed.

You can now start to get a feel for what I mean by the past three weeks have been mental.

Last weekend (29th March) I had the Paddock Wood Half marathon. Off the back of man flu (yes it went from a cold to man flu) I wasn’t expecting much for this event. Add to that it was very wet and very, very windy on the day, I did think about not doing it.

But it was a good chance to practice my pacing, to get more race experience under my belt and I did it without any pressure on myself to perform e.g. I didn’t go out to get a PB. The run turned out to be better than expected. A finish time of 1 hr 57 mins 37 secs. A minute off my PB and two and a half minutes away from the elusive sub 1 hr 55 mins but I did it to practice pacing and my Garmin, set at 2K splits, recorded the following times for each 2K:

11.13, 11.03, 11.10, 11.01, 10.54, 10.59, 10.59, 11.10, 11.28, 11.13 – with the final 1.2K in a time of 6.22.

And the 11.28 was where we did the last big turn and turned into a head wind for the final 3 or 4 miles. So I was happy with that. The last full 2K split was back to around usual pace and the final 1.2K was faster, so a strong finish. It’s amazing the effect a crowd cheering has on your pace!

Last week’s training was about ticking over. Recovering from Paddock Wood and leading up to the long Easter weekend. I did my last long run (20K) on Friday and then started the taper for the first A race of the year being the Brighton Marathon in 5 days time.

Preparation has been great. Some good solid training in general and specifically running over the winter, I am physically and mentally ready for the marathon. Mark (as usual) has done his part in getting me ready and now it is all down to me to perform on the day. So no pressure!!

Thanks for reading.

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