Race your Pace 2015

I had big expectations for this one. As I set off for Dorney Lakes I had a clear game plan in my head and for the first time ever, a realistic target to aim for.

Training had been perfect leading up to the event. I had covered this distance so many times on my weekly long run, this time it was all about pacing.

The plan was simple; three laps steady at circa 10.5 kmph and then go for it on the last lap.

Race day prep was fine, I got there in plenty of time, parked the car and got to the start, checked my bag in bag drop off and before I knew it they were calling us to the start.

And we were off.

A cheeky little loop to cover the 1K and then 4 laps of the lake, each lap being pretty much dead on 5K.

The pace was spot on, I felt comfortable, dare I say it felt easy. First lap done and I hit the counter on my Garmin and it said 27 mins and something (I didn’t see the seconds). With the initial loop taking 6 minutes, I quickly worked out 4 times 27 was 12 minutes away from 2 hours plus the initial 6 minutes was 1 hr 54. BUT it was 27 something and the 6 minute loop was 6 minute something – worse case we could be looking at just 2 mins under 2 hours if the something’s were high 50’s (which was not acceptable).

But I stayed calm, I kept the same pace even though it felt easy and at the end of lap two I hit the lap counter and another 27 mins and this time I did see the seconds 43 – I was right to be cautious, the seconds were high. But that was fine. Lap three I thought about speeding up, and at points I did, but not significantly. I had taken a gel at the start of the race and another one after 45 mins, I had one left so as I came to the end of lap 3 (27 mins 38 secs) I took my last gel, took on some fluids at the feed station and started the last lap.

I pushed from the start of the lap not too hard but a higher pace then I had been doing. I sustained this pace for about half the lap, then I had to back off a bit but with only one quarter of the lap to go I upped the pace and ‘gave it my all’.

I crossed the line in 1 hour 56 mins and 29 seconds. Which was good. I was happy with this. 4 and a half minutes off of my PB – very precisely paced. I ticked a lot of boxes in that event.

I didn’t ache too much that afternoon or the following day. I did take a few days off training mainly as on the Sunday (the day after) I helped Mark out at the 220 Triathlon show at Sandown Park, Monday I worked late and Tuesday I was packing as I am writing this blog sitting on an Easyjet flight to Sunny Sharm for a 10 day break. I am feeling good and have a good running based training program for the break as further build up to the Brighton Marathon on 12th April.

The small matter of another half marathon (Paddock Wood) at the end of March – and I am thinking a sub 1 hour 55 mins seems sensible.

Finally two big shouts out to Human Race – the organisers. The pacer who was in earshot for some of my running (the 9 minute miler) was excellent. He was giving advice, tips and motivation to all those who were running with him. Pointers like take a gel before the feed station and then take a drink to get rid of the taste in your mouth, squeeze the cup so you drink some and wear less etc! Telling runners what pace they were running would equate to as a marathon finish time.

Secondly the Marshall’s were all good, but the lady at the far end, after the feed station was truly outstanding. Cheering us on by number or by the pacer we were running with, asking us to smile and wave etc. She thoroughly deserved the applause I gave her on the last lap.

Remember to thank the Marshalls people, if it weren’t for them we would be, quite literally, all over the place.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Race your Pace 2015”

  1. Boom, you the man. Just done 11 miles in 1 hr 45 dead, feel ok about that..on for my over 4 hour pace..

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