Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all.

The wife and I got back from Egypt a few days ago. A really good break out there. Only 6 days, but 6 very relaxing, chilled out, easy going days.

We got there late on the Saturday and the next day (Sunday) I was up and out at 7.30am on the bike for a nice, sun soaked 75 minute ride, nice and easy.


Monday I ran – 1 hour in the morning, circa 10K and another 5K in the afternoon.

Tuesday a slightly longer bike at 1 hr 20 mins.

Wednesday double run day again – 55 mins in the morning and the 5K in the afternoon.

Thursday I ‘rested’ after a few drinks on New Years Eve took their toll on my head! We went out for a meal with some friends out there and ended up having a late night (1pm if you will)! So a lie in on Friday and as we flew back Friday evening I didn’t train later in the day.

Whilst in Sharm we visited Ras Mohamed. Beautiful scenery, natural warm water etc but all I saw was this marker being laid out for the Sharm half marathon happening the next day.

IMG_0608As soon as we got back to the apartment I was on the T’internet trying to register for the event. But entries had closed the day before as the event was the next day. So I missed out on that one. But good to know there is this event for next year.

We flew back Friday and yesterday I did a very easy 30 mins turbo and this morning I did an easy 40 mins run outside. Three days ago I was running in shorts and a T-shirt in the sunshine. Today I had on running tights, thick socks, two long sleeve running tops, a gilet and a hat. I wasn’t cold, but what a difference.

So ready to start 2015 fully healthy, off the back of a good break over Christmas and the New Year. The Brighton Marathon is on the radar in April, with a half marathon in February as a fitness marker.

Bring it on 2015. I’m ready.

Thanks for reading.

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