2014 Ends on a high

Life’s good at the moment. The crazy last week at work wasn’t as bad as expected. So, whilst I didn’t train during that week I also didn’t drink as much as predicted and it wasn’t all late nights and partying.

The first weekend off was good, getting me back into training, all be it on the turbo initially. I got in some runs that week, including a nice 10K run on Christmas Day itself.


Christmas Eve was a brick session – turbo to run. Boxing day I rested as on Saturday the wife and I flew out to Egypt for a New Year break.

The weather in Egypt is triathlon training perfect. It is still fairly hot (circa mid 70 degrees) during the day so pleasant but not cold (like the UK) and not mega hot like it was at Easter. So I can actually train during the day rather than having to train at 5am or 6am to get it done before the heat comes or after 4pm when it starts to cool down.

They have dug up the road, right outside the complex, which I usually ride and run on. I initially thought this was bad, but turning it into a positive, it is also good, as it means I am being ‘adventurous’ and going to different places to train. This morning I actually drove 20 mins to Hadaba so I could run there rather than limiting myself to running from the complex itself. Always having the same start point does limit your routes. I cycled to Hadaba the first day here and found a nice road and other runners on it training so I drove there this morning to run there.

It’s too cold to swim here though and I didn’t bring my wetsuit so swimming is out. I did go in one of the pools on the complex and it was freezing. I am not sure how I got in and I swum for 15 minutes before calling it a day and getting out. I don’t think I really felt warm again until the next day. So I have swapped the daily swim set scheduled for a 5K run. So some days are double run days others being ride and run days.

Two days until 2014 is over – time to tally up what training I have done this year for my end of year summary blog in a few days time.

Thanks for reading

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