T’is the season . . . to be careful

It’s the silly season. The time of year where I socialise more, drink more and have more late nights in a 2-3 week period then I do for the rest of the year combined. Sad but true.

Throw in a busy period at work and training has to be sensible.

Last week I was out Monday night and Wednesday night, with Monday being a bedtime of gone 2am!

This coming week I am out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and today (Sunday) I am in the office working. So training has (rightly) been on an ‘as and when’ basis.

There is no point in pushing myself to hit a session during this period and getting run down and becoming ill and then missing weeks of training. Especially as next Friday (19th) is my last day at work until the 5th Jan and I will have a good two week period to train, with the second of those weeks being in sunny (and therefore very warm) Egypt.


I have tried to be sensible, having early nights the day after late nights, no hard training and replacing the harder scheduled sessions (long runs) with easier turbos etc.

I was off work last Friday and after a 5 hour endurance session shopping around Bluewater I did an 60 mins turbo session on the TT bike, yesterday I did a 90 minute Yoga session and in the afternoon I did a lovely 70 minute run in the sunshine.

Working today and I toyed with riding in and back to the office but when I looked out the window and there was ice on the car I decided another turbo when I get home from work will be enough. Bit of a whimpy way out, but as above with three evenings out and three late nights in the next three days caution is the name of the game.

Thanks for reading – this blog and all the other blogs this year.

Have a great Christmas one and all.

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