Om Shanti and Yoga Nidra

The past few weeks, since the Ball Buster, have been quite busy.

Firstly, I had a nice week off training. This was largely due to the fact my legs were aching so bad I could barely walk down stairs, so training really wasn’t an option. But, also I wanted a complete down week. This allowed for a few ‘socials’ which included alcohol. Which was nice! But the hangovers weren’t proportionate to the amount of alcohol consumed – which was less than nice!


I have attended my first Yoga session. In total I have now attended 2 sessions at ‘The Yoga Den’ and have just done my second session at my gym. So four sessions in two weeks!

The Jury is out on Yoga at the moment. It is completely different to anything I have ever done. Some of it is weird, some of it is whacky, some of it is incredibly useful and a lot of it is impossible for me to do.

The fact I cannot do the majority of the moves/stances due to my inflexibility means if, in a few weeks, I can do more of the positions, than I am getting more flexible and it is all worthwhile – hence the Jury is out.

My wife joins me for the Saturday class and it’s nice to do something together. Plus the lady (Vivien) who runs it is brilliant at explaining the moves and the benefits of the position. So I don’t feel like the complete amateur I am, when I am there. The Tuesday sessions aren’t anywhere near as good, but they are free!

TT Bike

I have set my new TT bike up on the turbo and ‘ridden’ it a number of times in the past two weeks on the turbo. I am spending by far the majority of the turbo set in the TT position with no ill effects. So no chronic back ache or neck ache the day after a 1 hour turbo set. I am getting into ‘24’ season 3 on Netflix and this helps too, as having the computer set up ahead of me means I also practise the correct head position (looking up and not looking down all the time)!

Review of the year

I have also had a ‘review of the year’ and catch up with Iron Mate Mark, my coach. The good, the bad, sessions I liked, sessions I didn’t like, season highs, season lows and crucially goals for next year.

We have tweaked some things for next year but in principle agreed to leave a lot as is, under the ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ principle.


We have agreed the two ‘A races’ for next year, the ‘B races’ and other ‘C races’ or training events.

It’s good to look back before looking forward and sessions like the end of year review with Mark are really good to make sure we are both on the same page and together we know what is needed to ensure I achieve my goals.

Thanks for reading.

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