‘Web-olla’ strikes

The past week or so has been a mare! Having ‘played it safe’ in Egypt, I still caught a cold when I got home and have been ill this past week.

So no real training since Egypt. And I won’t be doing much this weekend (as I still have the tail end of the webb-ola outbreak). I hope to blow the cobwebs away next week but it won’t be a high volume week as I will be tapering for the Ball Buster next weekend.

Luckily I have a lot ‘in the bank’. Having trained hard and consistently since Vichy and that showed with the good form at the Brighton to Brighton sportive last month. So I am confident the lack of training leading up to the BB, won’t be too much of an issue. Positive thinking there!

The BB is not an A race or even a B race. It is an end of season bit of fun. Even more enjoyable that Mark, my coach will be there too and he and Clare are staying at ours the night before. So it will be good to catch up with them again and ideally squeeze in a meal before they go home.

My thinking before a chat with Mark is that following the BB I may take a few weeks off structured training. I will do some bits here and there and will start Yoga etc, but probably no structured training for the rest of November. Then start to get a structured program in place for December. I am off work for some of December, so that’s a good time to train and it means I might keep the Xmas weight down if I am training too.

I am starting to provisionally plan next year as well, which I will be chatting to Mark about next weekend.

So a little cold hasn’t been too much of a setback. And also means I have a ‘ready made’ excuse if I have a bad performance at the BB!

Thanks for reading

3 thoughts on “‘Web-olla’ strikes”

  1. ‘I will do some bits here and there, start Yoga etc’

    Trying slip that one casually, are we??

    Where’s the yoga come from?

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