‘Web-olla’ strikes

The past week or so has been a mare! Having ‘played it safe’ in Egypt, I still caught a cold when I got home and have been ill this past week.

So no real training since Egypt. And I won’t be doing much this weekend (as I still have the tail end of the webb-ola outbreak). I hope to blow the cobwebs away next week but it won’t be a high volume week as I will be tapering for the Ball Buster next weekend.

Luckily I have a lot ‘in the bank’. Having trained hard and consistently since Vichy and that showed with the good form at the Brighton to Brighton sportive last month. So I am confident the lack of training leading up to the BB, won’t be too much of an issue. Positive thinking there!

The BB is not an A race or even a B race. It is an end of season bit of fun. Even more enjoyable that Mark, my coach will be there too and he and Clare are staying at ours the night before. So it will be good to catch up with them again and ideally squeeze in a meal before they go home.

My thinking before a chat with Mark is that following the BB I may take a few weeks off structured training. I will do some bits here and there and will start Yoga etc, but probably no structured training for the rest of November. Then start to get a structured program in place for December. I am off work for some of December, so that’s a good time to train and it means I might keep the Xmas weight down if I am training too.

I am starting to provisionally plan next year as well, which I will be chatting to Mark about next weekend.

So a little cold hasn’t been too much of a setback. And also means I have a ‘ready made’ excuse if I have a bad performance at the BB!

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Walk like an Egyptian . . .

I am finally getting the hang of the Egyptian boot camp holidays. The ingredients needed are:

  • an understanding wife
  • a good training program
  • common sense
  • a good balance of holiday and training
  • and will power

The first two are in place (thanks to Sam and Mark), the trick is getting the third one right.

Due to the weather (it being so damn hot) the basic training day is like this:

  • bike ride in the morning so you are all finished by 8am, as that is when a) it gets very hot rather than just hot and b) the roads get busier
  • swim during the day as in late afternoon 4pm ish, so it doesn’t interrupt your day and it’s a nice way to cool off and you have a well sun screened back, so you don’t get burnt while you swim
  • run very late afternoon or early evening (at dusk or getting dark or even in the dark) so it’s nice and cool

You can run in the morning instead of biking but you cannot bike in the evening – too dangerous on the roads – not worth the risk. Or you can get up real early and do a brick session – as long as you take plenty of fluids and are done by 8am.

So the above has been this week in a nutshell.

An understanding wife is where your wife wakes up on her birthday, whilst on holiday in Egypt to find an empty bed as you are out doing a bike ride and you go out for a nice meal in the evening to celebrate her birthday but after your 40 minute run and her being OK with all that

The balance part is sacking off the swim as you have gone to the beach for the day.

Willpower is getting home after the beach to get showered and changed to go out for a meal and crowbarring another 30 minute run into the evening’s plans.

All of the above is easy. Common sense is the biggy.

We went out for a meal for Sam’s birthday with some Egyptian friends and we ended up getting home at 1am. So I skipped the bike ride yesterday morning. So today I definitely had to ride (as I cannot miss two ride sessions on the bounce). So I was up when the alarm went off at 6am – I got up and started to get ready for the 90 minute bike ride. It was very windy outside, I was knackered and not in the mood. So I thought ‘sod it, I am going back to bed’ and I went back to bed, straight to sleep and woke up at 10am – 3 and a half hours extra sleep. Boy did I need that. I swum for 45 minutes today but no run this evening as I have run everyday so far.

I am going to risk a ride in the morning – I say risk as I don’t want to get on the plane knackered, but an easy ride tomorrow morning after an easy day today I think should be OK.

So in the 7 days in Egypt a total of 3 hours swimming, 5 hours 30 mins cycling and 4 hours of running.

Not too bad for a relaxing holiday! Not as much swimming as I would have liked but that is because we were out a lot during the day and not on the complex, riding amount was OK, but really pleased with the running volume especially as 50% of it was up hill ready for the Ball Buster!

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Not too bad for a relaxing holiday! Not as much swimming as I would have liked but that is because we were out a lot during the day and not on the complex, riding amount was OK, but really pleased with the running volume especially as 50% of it was up hill ready for the Ball Buster!

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The loop – Part deux!

The Cycle sportive last Sunday made last week a big training week. I had clocked up circa 7 hours of training before the Sunday ride so add the sportive into the mix and I hit almost 14 hours of training that week.

So this week was easier, but not easy. What does continue to surprise me is how quickly I can recover from events or big training weeks and even big training sessions.

A short turbo on Monday evening to ‘loosen’ up the legs and an easy swim session on Tuesday meant Wednesday’s ride to work and back with a short run off the bike was fine – the legs were fully recovered.

Meaning Thursday’s 50 minute run session with intervals was a ‘walk in the park’, not literally of course.

A rest day Friday set me up for a tough weekend with another run focus. Saturday was the 8 mile run being the Box Hill loop part 2 followed by the same loop on the bike. This was at my request (saddist). I did the run loop a few weeks back in a time of 1 hour 20 mins, a very slow time and a (too) comfortable run. I knew I could go faster easily 5 mins or so faster maybe even 10 mins, so I wanted to try it again.

So I did. A run time of 1hr 11 mins taking 9 minutes off of my previous time. Looking at the Garmin every split was faster than before, all at a faster and even pace, no starting off too fast and having to slow. Perfect.

I was well pleased with that. I changed my top, got the bike out of the car and jumped on it and went off on the bike loop. I was very cold, the sweat from the run making my tri suit wet, which I had on under my top. I need to think about what I am going to wear for the event itself!

This all turned out to be irrelevant as 5 minutes later, half way through the loop, the heavens opened and I got drenched. This meant going easy on the road and gave me a quicker motivation to get up that darn hill. A bike loop of 32 mins. Not too bad after the harder run beforehand.

I dumped the bike in the car, changed into dry clothes in the toilets and went home for a bath.

Sunday was a glorious day making my 75 mins park run a very pleasurable experience. No hard efforts all nice and consistent as a recovery run.

An easier week this week in preparation for Egypt boot camp!

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