It’s all in the mind

This weekend contained a mini ‘challenge’. Saturday morning Mark and I had scheduled in to the training plan an 8 mile run of the Box Hill loop ending in the run up Box Hill via zig zag lane. This is all preparation for the Ball Buster on the 8th November, where I have to complete the 8 mile loop 5 times, the first loop on foot, then three on the bike and finish on foot again.

I have started training again following the Vichy half, so with a ride to work and back (an hour each way) and a run off the bike (20 – 25 mins) on Wednesday and Friday and a good 1 hour swim set on Thursday I had 6 hours training from the previous three days in my legs, as I set off Saturday morning.

And rather than being the taxing run I thought it was going to be it was one of the best runs I have ever done. Partly due to it being a different area with different roads to run on, a great atmosphere as loads of cyclists on the roads I was running on and a brilliant end to the run with the ascent of Box Hill and the view. But mainly because it felt incredibly comfortable all the way around the run. The Garmin kept losing satellite reception which initially was annoying but in the end meant I just ran on feel, which was nice and made it all the more rewarding.

So a nice, easy and comfortable run to the foot of Box Hill and going up it equally as comfortable. Really nicely paced (if I do say so myself) and the hill was over far quicker than I realised. I did two zig zags up zig zag lane and was waiting for the third zig zag and then was going to push the pace a bit, but then I saw the cafe and realised I had finished the climb already.


So all in all a nice, relatively easy and extremely enjoyable, run. So why did I, at a few points in the run, start to think ‘I couldn’t do it and would have to stop’? They say endurance is more in the mind then it is physical and I think this is starting to limit my performances. Whilst running I get negative thoughts of not being ready or strong enough or won’t be able to sustain the pace. When I am actually a lot fitter and stronger and dare I say faster then I realise.

I need to start to get a bit more faith in my own abilities and believe – and push – a bit more and see what happens. One for Mark.

The run in total took me 1 hour 20 mins with the ascent being 18 minutes of that 1 hour 20 mins time. If the loop is truly 8 miles then that is an average speed of 9.6kmph, which is my half IM marathon pace on a flat course.

Sunday was a rest day as I had offered to babysit my grandson for the day and apart from a walk to the Park I rested very well indeed, so I am ready for a full on week this week!

Tomorrow is my birthday and it’s the weirdest thing. I will be the ripe old age of 45 years young and yet I am slimmer, fitter and healthier than I was in my 30’s. Every year I get older and feel younger and younger. And what do you get the man who has everything . . . ? Somewhere to hang his finishers medals of course!


Finally a big shout out to the legend that is my coach Mark ‘IronMate’ Kleanthous for completing and more accurately competing in his 37th Ironman event yesterday when he finished IM Wales. Finishing in a time of 12hr 07 minutes and coming 10th in his age group. A true inspiration. Well done Mark.

Thanks for reading.


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