A lack of bloggage

Following a complaint I received yesterday from one of my dedicated blog readers, that ‘I hadn’t blogged for weeks’, I am sending a quick update.

All is good – very good.

In the past two weeks I have done 18 hours 30 mins training split as 10 and a half hours two weeks ago and 8 hours last week.

This week I am up to 6 hours as I type, split as 4 hours riding an hours run and an hours swim. The swim session included a 1,500 set, which I did in 30 mins and 22 secs, without even trying.

So training is going well. Tomorrow is a rest day as we will be packing the car and having an early night ready for the obscenely early start (we leave at 4.15am) on Saturday, to travel to Tri Topia.

So I feel very prepared for Vichy in 10 days time, having a real good block of solid, high volume and consistent training behind me. The biggest issue I have in the next week is making sure I take it easy and don’t do too much at Tri Topia before we travel to Vichy next Friday.

I also, finally, ordered my TT bike today. Having looked at some ‘too good to be true’ deals on 2014 models, which turned out to be hokum, I have bought a 2015 model , due in the first week of October. Pearson’s have sorted me out with a bike that should fit me perfect (a Felt B14) and they have done a good deal for me and thrown in a free bike fit and adjustment. This is why they are on my recommendations page!

So the next blog should be from Tri Topia, assuming I can drag myself away from the heated pool, hot tub, flat smooth fast roads or the glorious food and good banter.

I also have to learn to put my cycle shoes on while on the bike. A key objective for next week, reading for Vichy.

There will be a tracker for the race on Sunday if anyone wants to check on my progress – check out the Challenge Vichy website.

Thanks for reading.

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