Getting the miles (or K’s) in.

The past two weeks have been immense.

It really has been a change of gear since Austria in terms of sessions and distance. In the past two weeks I have clocked up over 22 hours of training:

Three hours swimming (including two open water swims)

Nearly thirteen hours of cycling

And over six hours of running.

This week alone I have run a total of three hours forty-five minutes and almost run the distance of a marathon (37K / 23 miles).

Last week I cycled a total of 167K. Only 13K short of the Ironman leg.

So really clocking up the miles (or K’s) and getting fit in the process. Which has meant also a lot of early nights and sofa time in between sessions.

I actually feel fitter and more prepared for the Vichy Half then I did for the Ironman. That is quite a weird statement, but having done several half’s in the past, Vichy is all about a PB and getting the pacing right, as I am going to go for a time of under 6 hours:

Swim 32 – 34 mins (current PB 36 mins – at Hever Castle)

Bike 3 hours – 3 hour 15 mins (current PB 3hrs 16 mins at Bedford)

Run 2 hours 10 mins – 2 hrs 20 mins (2 hrs 20 mins at Bedford)

Best case 5 hours 42 mins – worse case 6 hours 10 mins. So it’s doable.

Ironman is still an unknown for me, I need another easy(ish) one under my belt before I will feel as confident about them as I do about half Ironman events.

But the fun and practice of half’s is good as build up to the full Ironman events to come.

So I’m off for a big roasty dinner. Thanks for reading.

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