What’s next?

A week on from IM Austria and no after effects to report. No injuries, no cold, no IM post race blues. So it’s time to plan the rest of this year and think about post race analysis and discuss and plan stuff with Mark.

We have agreed running is (still) the focus as well as overall fitness and endurance. I have come on with my running. The issues I had with 10K’s and half marathons in the past I am now having with Marathons as part of an IM event. Half marathons as stand alone runs and as part of a half iron man races are OK now as long as I pace it right.

So the next race this year will be another half ironman distance event being the half as part of Challenge Vichy on the 31st August in France. We are going to spend the week before at Tri Topia doing some last minute training but also tapering there and resting up and having a bit of a holiday. The Friday we will travel from Tri Topia to Vichy and then camp there with others from Tri Topia on Fri and Sat and race on the Sunday and travel back to the UK on the Monday.

After that it will be the Ball Buster Duathlon on the 8th November. Probably a few other things between them. Maybe a couple of sportives or some other running events but in terms of A races (or B+ races) it’s the Vichy half and The Ball Buster.

Next year the two big A races are the Brighton Marathon in April and then Challenge Vichy (the full IM distance) in August.

Again other races will be done in between but getting the two A races sorted is key as other B and C races fit in around them. 2016 one of the A races will be Ironman Zurich.

Feeling pleased we had sorted out our summer holiday and tied it up with the Vichy event, I went to the cycling shop to get some new Tri specific cycling shoes (remember the IM blog saying no more running in cycling shoes and cleats on when in T1 and T2) – but I come back with:


A new pair of Mavic 125th anniversary special edition bib shorts with a matching top and a pair of Mavic ksyrium WTS 125th Anniversary wheels. I collected my bike today and put the new wheels on and it looks damn sexy I must say.

I then went on line and ordered some tri shoes and whilst on the site I bought a new tri suit too.

Finally, I have also set up an IM Austria page with a link to the blog, some of the official photos and a copy of the official time splits. Take a look by going on the main site (link below) and going to the IM Austria page.


Thanks for reading

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