Sorry Sir, you need to upgrade

So this week started with a different challenge for me – having realised my bike frame was broken beyond repair during the night rider 100K bike ride, I had 7 days to: find a replacement frame, order it, get it delivered, get all my group set moved across, test ride the bike and get some miles under my belt on the new frame (as a check and for some much needed confidence) and then pack the bike away in the travel box ready for delivery to Austria.


Thank God (no not you Mark, the other one!) for Corridori cycle shop in Drift Bridge. Once they had seen the photo of the damaged frame they asked me to take it in ASAP as ‘it didn’t look good’. I took the bike in that evening, they called the next day with the best option for me, buy a new Boardman frameset (unfortunately the only one Boardman did was the 9.8 AiR from the Elite range being an upgrade from the 9.4 I had before) they confirmed they would have it ready for first thing Saturday so I could ride it Saturday morning and take it back for any adjustments needed in the afternoon.

Knowing all was OK I could focus back on training for the week – which was getting hard, long swim sessions, hard run sessions, lake swims and before I knew it, I was collecting the new bike.

Saturday’s test ride found one major flaw in the bike, it’s too damn fast. It’s physically hard to go on an easy ride. It’s fast, sturdy, comfortable, confident in its handling and it just eats up the road in front of it. I did just under 50K in just over two hours including a zip up Box Hill on what was supposed to be an ‘easy, get a feel for the new bike, test ride’.

This didn’t help Sunday’s hard 65K ride when the bike was more up for the ride then my legs were. We got through it together, but I had to redefine the phrase ‘hard effort’ for that session.

It was actually sad to pack the bike away Sunday afternoon, knowing I would have to revert to the turbo now until I got to Austria.

Thanks for reading.


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