Getting real, real fast

This week it is starting to hit me, what I have taken on. I am not lacking in confidence, in fact the reverse. I feel good (real good). I am fit, healthy and am in the hands of an endurance God, so I know it’s now down to me to deliver.

Mark could not have done more to get me to this place. We spoke earlier this week to agree the next weeks training and the taper and we are both happy with where we are at, especially after the illness issues I had at the start of the year. Mark has also guided me on nutrition for the event and there is a conversation still to be had on hydration.

But now I am not thinking training and fitness, I am thinking travel plans and packing, pacing strategy and race scenarios, what kit to take and what kit to wear, breakfast for race day and the recovery meal(s).

There is the final build up from a training perspective – a 1 hr 35 mins pool swim yesterday (circa 150 lengths) was an endurance event in its own right! But a rest day today, another rest day Friday short easy sessions next week and some more rest days, it’s getting close!!!!

Am I scared? Am I worried? Do I wish I hadn’t entered? Not at all. I want to get it on, not in a cocky way, not at all. In an I am ready, I am prepared and I can do this kind of way.

Will I be scared, worried and wish I hadn’t have entered – I am sure these will be my final thoughts as the swim starts!

Thanks for reading


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