Big Fish – Small Pond

It’s been another cracking week, slightly achey legs off the back of the half ironman last week, but that didn’t stop some good sessions this week.

An easy turbo Monday to aid recovery from the tri the day before, then a good swim set Tuesday, a hard turbo Weds night, (so hard I had to knock off the intensity a bit to complete the set) and a 45 mins run Thursday set me up for the weekend nicely.

Up at 5am yesterday, drive to Heron lake for a 2K easy swim (42 mins) and a circa 5K run off the swim.

All this led up to todays 3.8K Big Fish swim at Reading. Up at 5am again! One of the biggest challenges of the day, and the wife and I set off. Got there in plenty of time, registered etc and got ready.

The lake was quite warm, warmer then Heron Lake the day before. A short warm up and we were off. And the swim was quite uneventful. I sighted well so no extra K’s zig zaging all over the place, I kept the pace level the whole swim, no going off fast and running out of steam, if anything I went faster the last 400 metres. I felt really good the whole swim, strong in my stroke, breathing well, trying to draft of others where I could (not much opportunity for that!)

The only down side was the ‘flap’ on my wetsuit, at the top of the zip came undone as I started, so I am sure I was taking on water. I did stop and do it up but it came undone as soon as I started swimming again. So I left it for the rest of the race. Not ideal but I don’t think it held me up much.

I finished the swim in an unofficial time of 1 hour 18 mins. Not too bad. At Heron Lake yesterday I did 2K in 42 mins so I was going at a faster pace for the race. Got a lovely medal too!

I quickly got changed and did a 5K run off the swim. All good, all easy pace, all no real effort. As I ran for 30 mins I was one of the last to shower so no queue.

Then the wife came up with the idea of the weekend, so off we went to the nearby hotel for a full English breakfast. A lubberly jubberly end to a good weekend’s training.

So my first 3.8K swim – so by default a PB and another confidence builder for the Iron Man – only 4 weeks to go now – GULP.

Thanks for reading.

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