The Bedford Half Ironman (ish)

What a day and what a race!

Not a brilliant night’s sleep courtesy of a wedding going on at the hotel we stayed at and guests going to bed drunk and making noise etc, but up at 5am, breakfast, sun lotion, check kit (again) and we left at 6am. I had already registered on Saturday so it was just bike racking and getting my kit on.

Racking and set up was fine and before we knew it we were ready to go.

Due to Blue Algae on the lake we had already been told the swim was off and it was a 2.5K run to start.

Now the plan for the race was as follows: first run take it easy, bike take it easy and final run take it easy. By easy Mark wanted me to do it all at 75% max HR. And I am always one to follow the instructions.

So the first run, 2.5K – was women and those over 40 years of age. The pack spread out quite quick, I was running with three or four others all nice and easy, so I upped the pace and over the run dropped all 4 of them, going into T1 after 13 mins 31 secs of running, ave speed of 11 kmph, ave HR 88% tut tut Darren – but I felt fine. In fact I felt good and comfortable with that pace.

Off on the bike, which was very flat, 1 small lap and 2 longer laps making the 91K. The start of lap one was fine, nice and comfortable with the Garmin saying HR was 85% of max. I eased off down to 80% and a rider went past me. I looked again and the HR had dropped to 77%. Basically the route was flat with one big hill per lap. My HR fluctuated between 80% and 85%. If I pushed a bit and went on the drops and took advantage of the flat, nicely tarmac roads, the HR went to 85% if I sat up and eased up it dropped to 80%. But both were fine. I felt good. I did the two laps and decided, on the third, I would ease up a bit with 10K to go in preparation for the run. So I put a ceiling at 80% max HR and tried to go down to 75% were I could. This was fine, very easy, very comfortable and bang three other riders came past me with 8K to go. So I thought ‘sod this’ and I upped the anti back up to 85%. I had re-passed 2 of the 3 with 5K to go and passed the last person with 2K to go. I was going to ease up for the run in, but I thought -why? the third rider will just repass me and all that hard work will be for nothing. So I ploughed on at the same pace.

The Bike was 91K in a time of 3 hours 16 mins an ave speed of 28 kmph and ave HR of 84% of max. Done as Lap 1 (the small lap) 51 mins 16s, lap 2 in 1 hr 10 mins and lap three in 1 hr 13 mins – so slowing up cost me 3 mins. During the bike section I had 4 Torq bars, two gels and 1 x 1,000 ml of energy drink and the same of water.

Transition was OK, not fast but I wanted to put my calf guards on, make sure I had my gels for the run etc.

And off I went. The run was nothing more than perfect – absolutely perfect. I hit a speed of 9 – 10 kmph and ran at that pace for the first 1K or so. Then I slowed the pace down to 8.3 to 9.5 kmph. Basically I tried to run slow at (8 kmph) but without realising it I sped up to 9.5 kmph over time, but realised I was going faster and so I slowed again, so as to pace myself for the entire 21K run.

The run course was lovely, tarmac paths, running by a lake, through parks, it was bliss. Three people went past me quite soon after I started the run (as they always do!) but I kept my pace and ploughed on. I didn’t have distance as a data field on my Garmin, which turned out to be a very good thing. I realised at 32 mins of running I would have no splits to I hit the lap button at 32 mins and hit it every 32 mins there after. I took a gel after 10 mins of the start of the run and a gel every 40 mins. I also took on water at each of the 4 feed stations. I caught one of the runners that passed me and I went past him, I hadn’t upped the pace I had kept it constant, he was slowing. I then passed the other guy who had passed me as he was walking! He was doing ‘an old me’ going off fast and then having to walk to recover. But that was the old Darren. This new improved Darren was running at a steady pace, he felt good, strong, comfortable. The only issue with the run was I needed a pee! I stopped and one of the runners re-passed me. No worries ‘I will catch you’ I thought. But I couldn’t, we ran at the same distance for the rest of the run, he never increased the gap, but I also couldn’t close it.

I cannot begin to tell you how good this run was. No stopping, no huge pace fluctuations, no struggling to finish. I drank at every feed stations, took 4 gels (one every 30 – 40 mins) and I ran the best run I have ever done in my life. No exaggeration.

I did the run in 2 hours 26 mins – an average speed of 8.8 kmph with an average HR of 84% of max. The laps went like this:

– first 32 mins I covered 4.96K with an average pace of 6.28,

– second 32 mins 4.73K average pace of 6.45,

– third 4.75K average pace of 6.49,

– the fourth 4.56K an average pace of 6.57

– with the last 17 mins covering 2.65K and at a pace of 6.40.

So a slight drop on the fourth split but recovered for the fifth.

I am over the moon. A really good confidence builder for IM Austria. The fastest bike ride I have done in any middle distance tri followed by the fastest half ironman marathon and crucially all at the same pace. Pace, pace pace I am starting to get this pace lark and wow what a difference it makes.

Results aren’t up yet, not that I care. But the provisional time was 6 hours 00 mins and 24 secs. I reckon that pee on the run cost me a sub 6 hours race!

Big thanks to Sam for calming me down when we got there and I saw all the TT bikes, aero helmets, GB shirts etc. She told me to run my own race, remember why I was there, to practice pacing, to run my race and to put into practise the theory we had spoken about the night before. She really did get me into the right frame of mind for the race. Thanks babe x.

And as usual my thanks to Mark, for getting me ready to race and getting me to where I am now. He is a true genius.

Also a big shout out to my buddy Steve Groom who raced too, winning his age group and coming second overall. Also thanks to his mate Ashley who kindly showed us the bike route the day before after registering. He also did well winning his age group and coming 7th overall.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “The Bedford Half Ironman (ish)”

  1. Well done Darren. I will follow in your footsteps one day, you are an inspiration…and I don’t mean I’m gonna start a blog.

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