The Marsh Man 70.3

Darren Webb – DNS

After such a good boot camp in Egypt and a good solid block of training over the bank holiday weekend last weekend, this week has been a nightmare, resulting in a DNS for the Marsh Man half ironman.

Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. My immediate thought ‘here we go again’. I rested Wednesday and Thursday, including going to bed on Thursday at 8.30pm.

I was still hell bent on racing today so I did the Friday swim set to see how I felt. The swim was good, a very good session in fact, all felt easy, no issues. But Saturday I felt worse when I woke up then I had done in the week. I did the easy sets to limber up for Sunday and was sweating more than I should have been for the effort I was putting in.

So it wasn’t looking great. It didn’t stop me packing all my kit, getting the bike ready and sorting my drink bottles out etc.

I had my pasta and meat balls last night at 6.30pm and within an hour I was throwing up. I was sick a couple of times and ended up going to bed at 8pm feeling very rough with an upset stomach.

I woke up at 11pm, still feeling sick, still had a stomach ache, sore throat, headache, coughing etc and now add to the list back ache from straining over the toilet and I STILL set my alarm for 4am to do the race. My thinking being ‘I might feel better in the morning’. But I couldn’t sleep. So I got up at midnight and went downstairs to watch TV until just after 2am. Then decided as ‘the morning’ was actually in less than two hours time and racing would be pointless, so I turned off the alarm and finally got off to sleep.

Not sure want the upset stomach is from. I think it is the combination of cough mixture, cold and flu remedy, vitamin C, gels and sports drinks etc to try and cure my cold in one day! I haven’t eaten anything yet today, but I am keeping down fluids, so you could say an improvement!

I have found a half ironman in Bedford on 25th May, only two weeks away, so it should be within schedule as the warm up race for Austria IM.

The week after is the 3.8K mass swim at Reading which I want to do as well for practice. So this week (or hopefully the next few days) is about getting better, not doing sessions.

Thanks for reading.



One thought on “The Marsh Man 70.3”

  1. Sorry to hear that big man at least there is another not too far away, chin up and out the toilet.

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