An easy Bank Holiday

Mark asked what I had planned for the bank holiday. ‘Not much at all’ I said, quite a relaxed one.

In reality it went like this:

Friday evening was an easy 45 mins turbo

Up early Saturday for a shopping trip to Bluewater including lunch and didn’t get home until gone 3pm.

Followed by a 2 hour turbo and 20 minutes run off the turbo session, it was late evening before I sat down, ready to babysit baby Ollie.

Sunday was a 45 minute run straight into a 45 mins turbo, after a lay in. Then rush around getting ready to go to watch Chelsea play their last home game of the season. Stayed for a beer after so home late and a curry! Bad boy.

Today was a morning of gardening, cutting the grass, weeding the drive, sorting the garage etc, then out for lunch with my parents. Did some work this afternoon and now off to the gym to do a short (40 – 45 mins turbo). Then hopefully have a sit down before back to work tomorrow.

All sessions this weekend have been good, quite easy, but off the big set while away I was pleased with how well I have recovered. I had a stiff shoulder over the weekend courtesy of sleeping funny Thursday night and having an achey neck and shoulder so I have not swum all weekend and restricted myself to the turbo rather than ride on the road. Glad I did as it feels a lot better and will be able to swim on it tomorrow.

I will suggest to Mark that I do the swim set, that was set for today, tomorrow evening and then see what he has in store for the rest of the week building up to the half ironman on the 11th (next Sunday). Really looking forward to the half ironman next Sunday to see where I am at.

Thanks for reading.


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