Turned out nice again.

Another good two weeks training under my belt since the last blog.

In the past two weeks I have ticked off 10 hours of cycling, just under 3 hrs of swimming and 2 hours of running. Fourteen and a half hours of training in total.

I am feeling really good and have done some good sessions. Today was a 50 minute run followed by a 1 hr 40 mins bike ride, all at an easy pace. And the weather just makes it so much nicer to train in. Today’s ride was a nice trot along to Box Hill. A really nice session.

Yesterday was a 75 mins bike session and a 25 mins run off the bike. So getting some good brick sessions under my belt as well.

I have also picked up a couple of training partners. I have done a few runs and a ride with my step-daughter Leigh and last weeks bike ride was with my brother, Richard.

Next weekend is my first event of the year with a half marathon at Dorney Lakes. I am looking forward to this but it will be really hard for me. Not because I am not ready or because I am going for a PB or anything like that, quite the reverse, I am going to try and run it slowly to pace myself. And that is something I am not good at. I need to get better at running slow, as in at my half ironman or ironman marathon pace. The speed I will be running the marathon stage of the Ironman. So next week isn’t about time or ‘effort’ it is about having my own plan for my own agenda. If everyone goes flying past me next week, than that is fine. They may not be training for an ironman and learning to pace themselves. I am! That will be my mantra next week.

So everything is going very well. Although I don’t expect anything else being a pupil of Mark.

Thanks for reading.


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