Do as you’re told or get another coach!

Another week ticked off and not much to report this week.

Training is very easy, sessions are a bit (a very little bit) harder the past few weeks but nowhere near as hard as they were last year and what I am used.

I have emailed Mark and had some conversations and his mortal words ‘Keep the faith’ end every email.

Now you don’t get a coach the calibre of Mark and then ignore his advice and go against his preset sessions. Especially when I have a history of over training resulting in illness and injury prior to signing up with Mark and having my best ever year last year.

So I know he’s right, I know he knows best but it’s just so frustrating. Yesterday I was up early, did my swim and run brick set and had all training done and was home by 10.30. Today I am sitting here at 12.20 having had a lay in and done my training. I want to get up and do a 2 or 3 hour bike ride or turbo. The swim and run should be a 1 hour swim and 60 or 75 mins run straight after not the 35 – 40 mins swim and 25 mins run.

But as I say above and words of wisdom for others, if you don’t trust in your coach and want to differ the sessions to those they set, even by doing 10 mins extra on a session, then go and get another coach.

In the words of George Michael ‘Cos you gotta have faith, faith, faith’.

Thanks for reading.


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