Say hello, wave goodbye!

A late blog this week as about 10 minutes ago it was Friday evening. Seriously where did this weekend go!

I have done all sessions this week and I haven’t said that for a long long time.

An easy turbo Monday, big swim set Tuesday, did a run Wednesday, back on the turbo Thursday (was supposed to be another swim session but I didn’t leave work until late and a turbo is quicker as no drive to the gym, just a walk to the end of the garden) Rest day Friday (left work late again).

Saturday up at the crack of dawn (well 7.30am!) a repeat of Tuesday’s swim set followed by a run, then house admin, then off to Chelsea talking a client to the game, then babysitting my grandson in the evening. Well my wife did most of the babysitting I was ready for bed by 9pm.

Sunday up at the crack of dawn (seriously! two days on the bounce), as I had to go to work for the entire morning, home ay 2pm in time to go looking at cars for my step daughter and hence only finished my turbo session about an hour and a half ago.

Big big thanks this week to my wife, who has been very unwell all week and has seen me for about 5 – 10 minutes each day. I’ve been leaving for work before she wakes up, home late and straight off to train and then the 10 minutes before bed. Us triathletes think we have it hard, but we get the enjoyment of training and competing while our partners have to put up with endless evenings of fleeting glances of us.

No real cold symptoms this week – hopefully I have finally shaken it off.

Thanks for reading.

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