Do as you’re told or get another coach!

Another week ticked off and not much to report this week.

Training is very easy, sessions are a bit (a very little bit) harder the past few weeks but nowhere near as hard as they were last year and what I am used.

I have emailed Mark and had some conversations and his mortal words ‘Keep the faith’ end every email.

Now you don’t get a coach the calibre of Mark and then ignore his advice and go against his preset sessions. Especially when I have a history of over training resulting in illness and injury prior to signing up with Mark and having my best ever year last year.

So I know he’s right, I know he knows best but it’s just so frustrating. Yesterday I was up early, did my swim and run brick set and had all training done and was home by 10.30. Today I am sitting here at 12.20 having had a lay in and done my training. I want to get up and do a 2 or 3 hour bike ride or turbo. The swim and run should be a 1 hour swim and 60 or 75 mins run straight after not the 35 – 40 mins swim and 25 mins run.

But as I say above and words of wisdom for others, if you don’t trust in your coach and want to differ the sessions to those they set, even by doing 10 mins extra on a session, then go and get another coach.

In the words of George Michael ‘Cos you gotta have faith, faith, faith’.

Thanks for reading.


Say hello, wave goodbye!

A late blog this week as about 10 minutes ago it was Friday evening. Seriously where did this weekend go!

I have done all sessions this week and I haven’t said that for a long long time.

An easy turbo Monday, big swim set Tuesday, did a run Wednesday, back on the turbo Thursday (was supposed to be another swim session but I didn’t leave work until late and a turbo is quicker as no drive to the gym, just a walk to the end of the garden) Rest day Friday (left work late again).

Saturday up at the crack of dawn (well 7.30am!) a repeat of Tuesday’s swim set followed by a run, then house admin, then off to Chelsea talking a client to the game, then babysitting my grandson in the evening. Well my wife did most of the babysitting I was ready for bed by 9pm.

Sunday up at the crack of dawn (seriously! two days on the bounce), as I had to go to work for the entire morning, home ay 2pm in time to go looking at cars for my step daughter and hence only finished my turbo session about an hour and a half ago.

Big big thanks this week to my wife, who has been very unwell all week and has seen me for about 5 – 10 minutes each day. I’ve been leaving for work before she wakes up, home late and straight off to train and then the 10 minutes before bed. Us triathletes think we have it hard, but we get the enjoyment of training and competing while our partners have to put up with endless evenings of fleeting glances of us.

No real cold symptoms this week – hopefully I have finally shaken it off.

Thanks for reading.

Faking it!

So the test results are in and it’s an all clear. No issue with the blood tests, no issue with the chest X-ray and no issue with symptoms this past week.

The tests did show up a slight deficiency in Vitamin D which is hardly surprising as I leave home in the morning and it’s dark, I leave the office at night and it’s dark and I take in my lunch and don’t leave the office all day.

So we agreed to crack on this week. I only managed 4 hours this week but it was four good hours and for good reasons. I did a turbo Monday (all good), I was out Tuesday at a work event, I ran 40 mins on Wednesday (again all good), I was out again Thursday evening at a work event and rested up Friday after a late night Thursday evening and a hard week.

Saturday I got out on the bike. A nice 75 mins ride to Redhill and back. Riding there was hard going, but it was nice to be out on the bike again. I didn’t get to Redhill as I hit 40 mins before I got there so I had to turn around a bit before. I knew it was windy and it didn’t surprise me that I got home in under 35 mins – the difference it makes with the wind behind you!

I was out last night at the Theatre in Brighton (oohh don’t you know) so I had a lay in this morning and went for a run at 11am after I had got up and had some breakfast and let it digest while watching Match of the Day.

Then this afternoon (5pm) I went for a 40 minute swim.

So a really good week. Good to get some swim minutes in and also to do a real ride and not on the turbo. Some solid training around work events and preparing for a solid February block. February could be the break or make of this season is my thinking.

I have agreed with Mark I will ditch Body Pump on a Sunday morning in favour of another swim session instead and also there is the option to start riding to work on my bike. This will help to notch up some bike miles.

The only down side for this week is I woke up this morning with another sore throat. But I have ignored it and ploughed on as there isn’t anything wrong with me, the tests say so.

Thanks for reading.