Blood tests and X-rays

This week has been another disaster.

I woke up Monday morning with a killer sore throat and that developed into another cold this week. I went to the doctors on Friday and she has referred me to get some blood tests and a chest X ray. Mainly just to confirm nothing is seriously wrong and it is just a lingering virus – that my body just won’t shake off.

On the positive side I feel a lot better today then I have done all week so hopefully this cold was a blip lingering over from last week.

I have had a couple of conversation with Mark this week regarding any other issues there could be but nothing concrete is there as an explanation pending the blood test results.

So going to the hospital Monday morning to get the blood tests done and the X-ray and should hear within 5 days. If I feel this good next week though I will probably do some light training as it is only 24 weeks to D-Day.

Thanks for reading.

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