The health roller coaster

It seems I am still on the health roller coaster.

I felt a lot better this week. Another easy turbo Monday evening and a swim session on Tuesday. Was really good to get in the pool and knock out some lengths. It was an easy session and only circa 2K in distance, but it was good to start putting time in the training log next to Swim.

Wednesday it was good to see a structured session for the turbo – rather than another easy session. And I enjoyed it a lot. A bit of Zone 2 training, but after the session I felt a bit tired.

It was no surprise to wake up Thursday with a sore throat. Scheduled no training on Thursday as I was out in the evening with the wife and friends and the throat got worse through out the day. Friday was my scheduled rest day and meant an email conversation with Mark re what to do the weekend.

Saturday back to an easy turbo and today (Sunday) I did body conditioning at the gym. I felt good and with no real bad throat yesterday I followed up the body conditioning session with an easy 20 mins treadmill run. I am just so desperate to start building the base anything, even short and easy, should help.

I feel better today and I am hoping the sore throat in the week was just a blip. It’s been something like 3 weeks where I have felt good (100%) out of the past 12 weeks.

This week last year I did 8 hours training, this week I did 3 hours 45 minutes. The first 5 weeks of last year I did 38 hours training. If this carries on for the rest of January, I could be doing less than half of that this year.

Mark keeps saying don’t worry there’s plenty of time, but that’s an ‘easier said then done’ thing at the moment! It is very frustrating. It seems my first endurance training is controlling frustration of not being able to train as hard as I want.

Thanks for reading.

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