The Chimp Paradox

My first blog of 2014. And it’s a potential ‘down in the dumps’ one.

I am just so keen to get cracking with the base build, for what will be (notice I haven’t added the ‘hopefully’ word)  my biggest Triathlon year so far, and I still have this damn throat virus.

I am at about 95% of being well. Which is encouraging EXCEPT I have been at 95% for over a week now and wanted the Christmas break to get me to 100%.

I wake up with a sore throat, which goes after a cuppa and some breakfast, I generally feel a bit ‘under the weather’ during the day, but the sore throat comes back in the evening pre bed. I am also sleeping about 12 hours a night – which is 4 hours more than the usual 8 hours. At least I can still do math!

Today I went to a walk in clinic to see if I could get some antibiotics. I saw a real nice doctor who looked at my throat and convinced me I didn’t need antibiotics as it’s a virus and not a bacterial thing. And the clincher that antibiotics will actually reduce my immune system even further.

On a positive note I am doing some training, low effort and short distance/time, but it still counts (I hope).  I am back on the calorie controlled diet (day 3) to loose the Xmas and Christmas build up weight that has gone on.

And I am reading a very interesting book called ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Dr. Steve Peters the pyschiatrist behind many sporting successes including the Olympic GB Team. They say an Ironman is as much about mental strength as physical strength so when I can’t do much of one means I can work on the other. I won’t try and explain the book as I won’t do it justice. Give it a google.

Finally, for everyone’s joy, this year I am planning more blogs but of a shorter duration for 2014.

Thanks for reading.


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