What’s best? I don’t know.

I hate training days like today. Just not knowing whether I should do A or B.

Yesterday was due to be an easy run and today the program says an easy 40 minutes swim.

But yesterday I didn’t train. The wife and I went to Bluewater on a shopping trip.  The plan was to shop and then train when I got home. But the traffic was a nightmare, so it took us ages to get there, we went to the lovely burger shop (Byrons) so a cheese burger, wedges and coleslaw later we started shopping.

Shopping was OK but I was getting dehydrated and tired and just felt yuck. Traffic was also bad getting home as well and I had a monster headache when I got in, so I sacked off training yesterday. Having just got over my third cold in 4 months I didn’t want to risk it to tick a box on the training diary.

So I will train today. But as I didn’t get my lazy butt out of bed early enough the pool was ‘open to the public’ by the time I would have got there, so the pool was full of kids. So no ‘swimmers only’ lane.

So what do I do instead? To be honest I didn’t feel like training at all. So I watched a bit of TV, had breakfast, watched more TV. And I toyed with having another day off.

If I don’t train today that is two days back to back with no training. Tomorrow we have family round for lunch so if I don’t get time tomorrow that will be three days on the bounce with no training (which is unthinkable). So I got my arse in gear.

Tonight will be a late night being New Years eve so nothing too strenuous today and whilst it wasn’t cold outside it was chucking it down. So an easy turbo in the shed or an easy run at the gym.

In the end I went to the gym and did a very easy 40 mins run. All the time thinking ‘should I be doing this’? Should I have rested today? Will this give me another cold?

I did the run, showered and then went home, I got soaked doing the 40 second dash to the car from the gym. And so got changed and had lunch as soon as I got in.

I also got home to find my Energybits had arrived so I took 20 of them as well.

Hopefully training today was the right thing to do. And I now feel geared up to train tomorrow too, even if I have to get up and get cracking first thing.


I will wake up tomorrow with a sore throat and wish I had just spent the day watching TV!

Thanks for reading.

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