Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you all had a good one, Santa bought you what you were after and there were no un-wanted surprises. That Dodgy Christmas jumper or a power cut for example!

Training has been almost non existent since my last blog. The onslaught of work events, late nights and alcohol took its toll and I got another cold. Well I say cold, I think it was more like a throat infection. I had a real bad sore throat one day and no voice the next day.

To be honest I still have a bit of a sore throat when I wake up and at the end of the day, but I have been doing some light training the past week or so.

It’s all been easy and short; an easy 30 mins turbo on Xmas eve, a short 30 min run on Xmas day, another turbo (45 mins) yesterday and today I did a body conditioning class at the gym.

I will keep this up for the next week (as per my coaches program) and I hope the throat clears up completely in that time. I would usually not train until fully better, but as I am off work and can lay in and chillax all day – courtesy of an easy going wife who is also up for chillaxing over Xmas – so a few easy sessions is OK (I hope).

I have also laid off the drinking. My last real drink was on the 19th Dec at the works Christmas do. I had a few glasses of champers on Xmas day (late afternoon and in the evening) after my run at 10.30am. I will have a few more drinks here and there (it is Christmas after all) but no big sessions from now on. Then on New Year’s Day the alcohol will stop until at least the Ironman in June and maybe longer. If I could just drink in moderation it would be OK – but if I could do things in moderation I wouldn’t be doing an Ironman would I?

Thanks for reading.

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