Staying consistent in the difficult weeks

Had a good couple of weeks since the last blog. Two weeks ago I did just under 7 hrs training. A nice 2 hour bike ride, started doing body conditioning class at the gym to strengthen the core, did a swim and a few runs.

A good week for sure.

This past week has been good as well – but Christmas is coming which means work events, which means late nights, drinking and missed sessions. So last week was only four and a half hours.

But I have finally learnt that losing a few sessions one week is OK. What is not OK is trying to fit in the sessions and getting ill and missing a few weeks due to illness.

This is where a good coach is worth they weight in gold. (That is an understatement for my coach, who weighs next to nothing).

This is also the time to go easy on myself, let my hair down and miss the odd session and not kick myself when I put on the odd pound in weight. Currently 6 1/2 lbs over weight!

This year I have achieved a lot. More than I could have imagined. So while I am training at the moment and will be throughout Christmas, including the Christmas day run, for me the serious stuff starts on 1st January 2014. This is when the diet proper will start, drinking will stop and sessions won’t be missed. But a couple of weeks of easy training and letting my hair down is OK.

For example, I need to get an early night tonight as tomorrow is a black tie award ceremony – so a very late night, Wednesday is a supplier drinks event and Saturday is tickets to Chelsea v Palace. See what I mean!

Thanks for reading.

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