What’s best? I don’t know.

I hate training days like today. Just not knowing whether I should do A or B.

Yesterday was due to be an easy run and today the program says an easy 40 minutes swim.

But yesterday I didn’t train. The wife and I went to Bluewater on a shopping trip.  The plan was to shop and then train when I got home. But the traffic was a nightmare, so it took us ages to get there, we went to the lovely burger shop (Byrons) so a cheese burger, wedges and coleslaw later we started shopping.

Shopping was OK but I was getting dehydrated and tired and just felt yuck. Traffic was also bad getting home as well and I had a monster headache when I got in, so I sacked off training yesterday. Having just got over my third cold in 4 months I didn’t want to risk it to tick a box on the training diary.

So I will train today. But as I didn’t get my lazy butt out of bed early enough the pool was ‘open to the public’ by the time I would have got there, so the pool was full of kids. So no ‘swimmers only’ lane.

So what do I do instead? To be honest I didn’t feel like training at all. So I watched a bit of TV, had breakfast, watched more TV. And I toyed with having another day off.

If I don’t train today that is two days back to back with no training. Tomorrow we have family round for lunch so if I don’t get time tomorrow that will be three days on the bounce with no training (which is unthinkable). So I got my arse in gear.

Tonight will be a late night being New Years eve so nothing too strenuous today and whilst it wasn’t cold outside it was chucking it down. So an easy turbo in the shed or an easy run at the gym.

In the end I went to the gym and did a very easy 40 mins run. All the time thinking ‘should I be doing this’? Should I have rested today? Will this give me another cold?

I did the run, showered and then went home, I got soaked doing the 40 second dash to the car from the gym. And so got changed and had lunch as soon as I got in.

I also got home to find my Energybits had arrived so I took 20 of them as well.

Hopefully training today was the right thing to do. And I now feel geared up to train tomorrow too, even if I have to get up and get cracking first thing.


I will wake up tomorrow with a sore throat and wish I had just spent the day watching TV!

Thanks for reading.

Review of 2013

This year has been massive, there’s no other way to describe it.

So where do I start? Events? Training? PB’s?

No, let me start with thanks to my number one supporter – Sam (the Wife). Thanks for:

–                coming to watch me at every event

–                for the encouragement and motivational talks when I think I should’ve done better at an event

–                for reheating a million meals as I was out training when she ate on her own

–                for getting up at silly o’clock in the morning to help me get ready for an event

–                for sitting on her own by the pool while on holiday as I go on a run

–                I could go on and on listing all she does for me

Thank you it is really appreciated. x


Training has been great – this year I have clocked up 321 hours split as

Swimming 52 hrs

Cycling 148 hrs

Running 91 hours

Body conditioning 30 hrs

With 3 days training still to go in 2013. But this year hasn’t just been the volume, it’s the consistency, the fact I have had no injuries and until recently (when I started drinking again) I have been mainly illness free.

Plus I started the year at 12 stone 4lbs and raced at 10 stone 12lbs (currently at a Christmas 11 stone 6lbs).

All of the above is courtesy of Mark Kleanthous, my coach and triathlon Mentor – thanks a lot Mark for all your sessions, advice and encouragement.

Lets do events:

Two half ironman triathlons, an Olympic distance tri, a sprint distance tri, a half marathon, a couple of cycling sportives, a duathlon and three 10K runs.

A new half marathon PB, 2 x 10K PB’s and a 5K PB.

Full details of this year’s events are at the end of the blog.

Highlights of the year:

Building the base – never trained so consistently as I did for the first 8 months of the year. Really paid off when it came to the events.

The PB’s – finally starting to get faster. A great confidence builder.

Getting to grips with pacing – starting to understand and be able to pace myself better.

Tri Topia – the boot camp at Tri Topia was massive. A good solid training blog, lots of advice from Mark and Lee and great company. All of this meant it was a great laugh as well.

‘Finding’ Tooting Bec lido so I can do an open water swim and get a lay in (otherwise it’s a 5am rise to drive to Heron Lake on a Saturday or Sunday morning).

Down points of the year:

The past few months have been battling man flu. I had a slight cold in September which effected the Gauntlet result, another proper full on man flu in October so I had to withdraw from the Ball Buster event and had a third cold over the past few weeks. Need to stop this flu lark!

Only one down point isn’t bad either.

I cannot wait for 2014 – bring it on.

The tale of the tape 2013

The tale of the tape is below:

Feb 2013 Kenley 10K – 52mins and 42 sec – NEW PB

Feb 2013 Half Marathon – 2 hrs 58 secs – NEW PB

April 2013 Duathlon (6K / 23.5K / 6K) – 1 hour 49 mins and 40 secs

May 2013 Tri Topia Long Distance Training camp – 20hrs plus exercise

May 2013 Pearson 150K cycle sportive (training ride)

June 2013 L’etape du Sussex Cycle Sportive – 3 hrs 57 mins

June 2013 5K training run – 23 mins 56 secs – NEW PB

July 2013 Vachery Middle Distance Triathlon – 6 hrs 5 mins and 50 secs

August 2013 Ringmer Sprint Distance Triathlon –1 hrs 38 mins and 17 secs

September 2013 Reading Olympic Distance Triathlon – 2 hrs 57 mins 15 secs

September 2013 Castle Series – Hever Castle – The Gauntlet – Half iron man – 7 hrs 02 mins 08 secs

October 2013 Kenley10K – 51 mins 15 secs – NEW PB

November 2013 Beddington Park 10K (training run) – 1hr 5 mins

Thanks for reading in 2013 and have a great New Year and see you in 2014.

Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you all had a good one, Santa bought you what you were after and there were no un-wanted surprises. That Dodgy Christmas jumper or a power cut for example!

Training has been almost non existent since my last blog. The onslaught of work events, late nights and alcohol took its toll and I got another cold. Well I say cold, I think it was more like a throat infection. I had a real bad sore throat one day and no voice the next day.

To be honest I still have a bit of a sore throat when I wake up and at the end of the day, but I have been doing some light training the past week or so.

It’s all been easy and short; an easy 30 mins turbo on Xmas eve, a short 30 min run on Xmas day, another turbo (45 mins) yesterday and today I did a body conditioning class at the gym.

I will keep this up for the next week (as per my coaches program) and I hope the throat clears up completely in that time. I would usually not train until fully better, but as I am off work and can lay in and chillax all day – courtesy of an easy going wife who is also up for chillaxing over Xmas – so a few easy sessions is OK (I hope).

I have also laid off the drinking. My last real drink was on the 19th Dec at the works Christmas do. I had a few glasses of champers on Xmas day (late afternoon and in the evening) after my run at 10.30am. I will have a few more drinks here and there (it is Christmas after all) but no big sessions from now on. Then on New Year’s Day the alcohol will stop until at least the Ironman in June and maybe longer. If I could just drink in moderation it would be OK – but if I could do things in moderation I wouldn’t be doing an Ironman would I?

Thanks for reading.

Staying consistent in the difficult weeks

Had a good couple of weeks since the last blog. Two weeks ago I did just under 7 hrs training. A nice 2 hour bike ride, started doing body conditioning class at the gym to strengthen the core, did a swim and a few runs.

A good week for sure.

This past week has been good as well – but Christmas is coming which means work events, which means late nights, drinking and missed sessions. So last week was only four and a half hours.

But I have finally learnt that losing a few sessions one week is OK. What is not OK is trying to fit in the sessions and getting ill and missing a few weeks due to illness.

This is where a good coach is worth they weight in gold. (That is an understatement for my coach, who weighs next to nothing).

This is also the time to go easy on myself, let my hair down and miss the odd session and not kick myself when I put on the odd pound in weight. Currently 6 1/2 lbs over weight!

This year I have achieved a lot. More than I could have imagined. So while I am training at the moment and will be throughout Christmas, including the Christmas day run, for me the serious stuff starts on 1st January 2014. This is when the diet proper will start, drinking will stop and sessions won’t be missed. But a couple of weeks of easy training and letting my hair down is OK.

For example, I need to get an early night tonight as tomorrow is a black tie award ceremony – so a very late night, Wednesday is a supplier drinks event and Saturday is tickets to Chelsea v Palace. See what I mean!

Thanks for reading.