Where you been Webby?

One post in the month of October, mainly as there hasn’t been much to say.

Coming off the back of the Hever Castle Half ironman I was knackered. I was really surprised how much it took out of me. Proof again it was a hard course. Other halfs I am back in training the following week, but with this one 6 days later an easy bike ride left me tired.

That following week I only did 3 and a half hours of easy training in total.

I was starting to ramp up again and the week after I did almost 6 hours and was feeling good.

The week after was a tactical nightmare (for my coach), the wife’s birthday to celebrate, work events to attend and generally a busy week at work and getting home late meant another easy training week.

The next week ended with a 10K run at Kenley aerodrome. And another PB! I was really pleased with this event. I paced it very well. Started slow and built each of the three laps and finished strong. A total time of 51 mins and 15 secs. The ever elusive sub 50 minutes is in sight. A real confidence builder.

The next day I woke up with the start of a cold. Which I have had for two weeks now. The biggest disappointment was we were away in Egypt for what was supposed to be a boot camp week to prepare for the forthcoming Ball Buster. But instead, apart from one easy 90 minute ride I did no training at all. In hindsight the 90 mins ride was stupid, as having been ill for almost a week, and starting to feel better, doing the ride for 90 mins, whilst very enjoyable, knocked me back and I was worse the next day then I had been before.

This week I have had to take some days off of work due to the illness and only this weekend am I starting to feel human again. I still have my hacking cough but the headache, sore throat and snot filled tissues, I hope, are a thing of the past.

I need a very frank conversation with Mark about the Ball Buster. Three hours training in total over the past three weeks isn’t the best preparation, off the back of a bad cold/illness – I am happy to give the event a go if that is what Mark thinks is best, but I am keen to weigh that up against the possibility of getting ill again afterwards and not starting to train again for weeks and it possibly denting my confidence if I don’t go well (and I don’t see how I can do well) versus using this week coming as the start of some proper training building up to Christmas and my preparation for the Ironman in June 2014 – 34 weeks to go!

Thanks for reading.


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