Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

Finally feeling better (100% better in fact) after the worst case of man flu I have ever had. Four weeks in total I was ill. But all of that is behind me now.

Needless to say I didn’t do the Ball Buster and that was a good decision, it rained the entire time of the race so if I had done the race I think the cold/flu would have returned.

I started training this week. An easy run last Sunday for 30 mins, a turbo Monday evening and back in the pool for an easy 40 mins swim Tuesday evening. All really good sessions – nice and easy.

A late night at work Wednesday and Thursday meant no training – setting me up for the weekend.

An easy run Friday evening 25 mins, an early night and 12 hours sleep meant Saturday morning when I woke up and the sun was out, a bike ride was on the cards. I got my new CX Boardman bike out to find the front tyre was flat as the inner tube had burst. So I changed the inner tube using my only spare and off I went. The ride was good. I intended to ride to the bike shop to get another spare or two, but for no reason other than pure stupidity, I set off in the other direction. So it was no surprise, when I was the furthest point away on the 60 minute ride, that the back tyre blew. The inner tube just exploded. Luckily I have a lovely wife who, when she got the call, jumped into the car to come and pick me up. Thanks again babe x.

I took the wheel to the bike shop to ask why the inner tubes were blowing, wrong inner tubes? wrong size, put on wrong?¬†They said it was the rim tape not being very good and moving around on the wheel and the spokes being exposed. So new rim tape and doubled up with insulation tape too, I did the other wheel when I got home and got two spare inner tubes. I will do the same to my race bike as well at some point to make sure that doesn’t happen to that whilst doing the Ironman next year.

So the 60 mins bike ride was only 40 mins but ‘hey ho’ no worries.

Today was a 10K with a difference. Today’s race wasn’t a PB challenge instead it was the opposite, running the 10K at my Ironman Marathon pace. And that was harder. Trying to stay slow and not speed up, especially when I was at the back. I reckon my Ironman Marathon time will be 5 hrs so I wanted to do the 10K in 1 hr 10 mins or 1hr 15 mins something like that.

The run was good. I tried to stay at 9 – 9.5 kmph, but it was such a challenge. I found myself speeding up and having to slow down all the time.

The run was finished in 1hr 5 mins. Too fast for the pace I wanted to run it in but 15 mins slower than my 10K PB so a good start for my ‘get used to running slow’ which will be a focus for this winter. A real case of slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.

So all in all a good first week after 4 weeks of hardly no training.

Thanks for reading.

Where you been Webby?

One post in the month of October, mainly as there hasn’t been much to say.

Coming off the back of the Hever Castle Half ironman I was knackered. I was really surprised how much it took out of me. Proof again it was a hard course. Other halfs I am back in training the following week, but with this one 6 days later an easy bike ride left me tired.

That following week I only did 3 and a half hours of easy training in total.

I was starting to ramp up again and the week after I did almost 6 hours and was feeling good.

The week after was a tactical nightmare (for my coach), the wife’s birthday to celebrate, work events to attend and generally a busy week at work and getting home late meant another easy training week.

The next week ended with a 10K run at Kenley aerodrome. And another PB! I was really pleased with this event. I paced it very well. Started slow and built each of the three laps and finished strong. A total time of 51 mins and 15 secs. The ever elusive sub 50 minutes is in sight. A real confidence builder.

The next day I woke up with the start of a cold. Which I have had for two weeks now. The biggest disappointment was we were away in Egypt for what was supposed to be a boot camp week to prepare for the forthcoming Ball Buster. But instead, apart from one easy 90 minute ride I did no training at all. In hindsight the 90 mins ride was stupid, as having been ill for almost a week, and starting to feel better, doing the ride for 90 mins, whilst very enjoyable, knocked me back and I was worse the next day then I had been before.

This week I have had to take some days off of work due to the illness and only this weekend am I starting to feel human again. I still have my hacking cough but the headache, sore throat and snot filled tissues, I hope, are a thing of the past.

I need a very frank conversation with Mark about the Ball Buster. Three hours training in total over the past three weeks isn’t the best preparation, off the back of a bad cold/illness – I am happy to give the event a go if that is what Mark thinks is best, but I am keen to weigh that up against the possibility of getting ill again afterwards and not starting to train again for weeks and it possibly denting my confidence if I don’t go well (and I don’t see how I can do well) versus using this week coming as the start of some proper training building up to Christmas and my preparation for the Ironman in June 2014 – 34 weeks to go!

Thanks for reading.