Mental positivity is the name of the game for the next two weeks

It has been another two weeks since my last blog, mainly due to being busy training and not much to report.

It has been two hard weeks of training. Not a high volume, both weeks have been 7 – 8 hours as usual, but the intensity has been right up there. This week I have also done a lot of running, 3 and a half hours, which is a lot for me. And a lot of the running off of a (big) swim or off of a (long) turbo ride.

Yesterday was a cold session too. An hours open water swim at Tooting Bec Lido in the rain, followed by a two lap run around the common (one hour) again in the rain. This is after a rain soaked run in the week.

Two weeks to go now until the main event of the year being the Hever Castle Half Ironman. Mentally I switch between ‘one last big push to put all this years hard work to use’ and then I flick to ‘why did I book an event so late in the year when it will be cold and raining and horrible’. So I need to get more of the mental positivity going and start to man up for the event. Watching the WTS on the TV just now really helped. My wife also pointed out this day last year we were sitting in the garden having a barbeque. We have decided NOT to camp for the event and just drive there for the day. Which means an early start but also a good comfortable and warm night’s sleep.

But physically I am feeling good. Weight is under 11 stone – so am at race weight, I expect the week before the race will be more of a taper week, so I can then start to get mentally fit to match the physical fitness.

Last week I rode the bike course for the half, which felt hard. One lap took us 2 hours but there was some waiting and we stopped for the leader to point out where the feed station etc would be. So I think the ride will be 3 hrs 30 mins – 3hrs 45 mins, not the usual 3 hours. So the aim for a 6 hour finish time is out of the question.

The swim will be cold and therefore maybe slow? The transition will be slow as I will definitely be putting socks on and maybe an extra layer (cycling top) and then T2 should be OK as it will just be taking the top off and putting trainers on, and then its the run. But the run is part tarmac, part gravel and mostly grass and some mud (advised to take trail trainers if it is raining!) so the run might be slow too. So 6 hours is out of the question – looking more like 6.30 or 7 hours. I wonder if there is a cut off.

Finally a big GOOD LUCK to my coach Mark Kleanthous for his Ironman next weekend at Lake Tahoe, California. I am sure he will do well and continue to be the true inspiration to us all that he is.

Thanks for reading.

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